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  1. 1. How Do I Get Lean Fast using Intermittent FastingIf you are looking for a solution to the matter of how do you get lean thenintermittent fasting is well worth a look, the principal of Intermittent fasting(IF) is the latest phenomenon on the internet right now and like manycelebrated diets it has gained many devout followers. Its a relatively new dietand it challenges many long-held ideas about nutrition, and though followingthe hype can sometimes be all smoke and mirrors in this case a deeper look iswarrantedSo you have probably heard the advice to eat several small meals throughoutthe day as a way to lose fat and keep your blood sugar levels steady. IFhowever, is based on fasting for 12-36hrs then being allowed to eat, thiswould seem in contradiction to the previously held diet wisdom, howeverscientific studies on intermittent fasting have shown that it is just as effectiveas the multiple smaller meals theory
  2. 2. How Do I Get Lean Fast using Intermittent Fastingif not more so and it has some very impressive health effects of itsown. It improves insulin sensitivity so that blood sugar spikes arentexperienced when you do eat, and reduces blood pressure, heart rate,protects against oxidative stress. These studies even saw an extendedlife span and reduced cancer incidence. All that along with the effecton how do you get lean!Your body uses a certain amount of calories in order to perform itsnormal daily functions. When you exercise, it needs even more. Iftheres no ready source of these calories, as from a recent meal, itdraws them from your body fat (and sometimes from muscle). So, thethinking goes that if you are looking at how do you get lean, whenyou skip eating, youll burn your stored body fat instead. Intermittentfasting is more than just reducing your calories though, there arehormonal benefits including increased insulin sensitivity, especiallywhen combined with exercise as your glycogen stores have beenlowered due to the period of fasting and then exercise has beenconducted further depleting your glycogen,
  3. 3. How Do I Get Lean Fast using Intermittent Fastingthis means eating after this fasting will result in your glycogen stores beingreplenished before gaining body fat. Another indirect benefit to all this, is youwill spend less time preparing food and fussing about what to eat like all theother lemmings.Advocates of intermittent fasting have described some very striking results. Forexample, one trainee experienced a 60 pound weight loss over nine months andreduction of body fat from 10 to 4 percent. Thats pretty good to hear if you arewondering how do you get lean.There are several different ways to incorporate intermittent fasting into yourquest for getting leaner. One is to go a full 24 hours without eating once a week,every ten days, or once a month. The timing depends on what works best foryou experiment with these frequencies to see what makes you feel the best.Another approach is to have a single, large meal just once a day, fasting for theother 18 to 20
  4. 4. How Do I Get Lean Fast using Intermittent FastingIf you want to try intermittent fasting as a tactic for how do you getlean, begin with a trial fast. Eat a meal of your usual size, then fast for 24hours and see how you feel. Its not easy at first, and if you decide tostick with it, give yourself a good four weeks to become completely usedto it.While you are fasting, you can have water and, if you like, tea and coffee(with no sugar or milk). For your meals, of course youll select nutritiousfoods: high-quality protein, healthy fats, and complex carbs with lowGI/GL, and look to avoid processed or refined foods. Be sure youregetting enough nutrients by eating a variety of foods.Intermittent fasting is one answer to how do you get lean. It also hasother significant health benefits. Combined with regular, high-intensityexercise, youll begin to see results
  5. 5. How Do I Get Lean Fast using Intermittent FastingEmma Rasmussen is a women who is concerned and bemused with themisconceptions out there about how do you get lean, its simple aprocess and should grow you mentally to new levels, check out morefree reports at www.howdoyougetlean.comKey words for referencing, How do you get lean, how to get lean, howto get in shape, how do you get a lean body, how do I get lean,