How Do You Get Lean | Get Lean Fast With Heavy Weight Training

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<ol><li> 1. Heavy weight training is what builds your underlying musculature, the foundation of your lean </li><li> 2. For a limited time while authors allow free reports are avaliable athttp://www.howdoyougetlean.comHave you been struggling with the question of how do you get lean? Expertsagree that long and hard cardio sessions arent the answer. Resistanceexercise, such as weight lifting, has been shown to be much more effective.Part of the reason for this is that muscle burns more calories than fat does, sowhen your muscles are bigger, you actually burn more calories, even if yourejust sitting on the sofa watching television. Weight training also causes yourmetabolism to increase for up to two hours following a workout. Thatshelpful if you are looking for how do you get lean.Strenuous exercise is understood to be the answer how do you get lean. Thismeans that you have to work at a certain level of high-intensity in order tolose </li><li> 3. For a limited time while authors allow free reports are avaliable at http://www.howdoyougetlean.comFor fat loss and carving an attractive physique, a program of heavy weights and lowrepetition is best. Choose a weight which you can safely take through the full range ofmotion of the exercise for six to ten repetitions but no more. Do two sets, resting for 60to 90 seconds in-between them.As you gain strength, youll add more weight. You should push yourself to improve, ifyou are not making progress from session to session then you are overtraining andshould take some time off, weight training is analogues to getting a suntan, there comesa point when you get sunburnt and dont make any progress.The choice of whether to use barbells or dumbbells is up to you. For most people whoare working at how do you get lean, a combination is best. You could also probablyinclude exercises which just use your own body weight, like push ups and pull ups.Look to add weight to your pushups like having something across your shoulders, oreven a friend sitting there. If you can do 15+ pull-ups with your bodyweight you are inelite </li><li> 4. For a limited time while authors allow free reports areavaliable at http://www.howdoyougetlean.comYour weight training program for how do you get lean should include exercises for allthe major muscle groups. Those which work groups of muscles at the same time, likesquats and deadlifts, are best, and have the added benefit of getting you through yourworkout faster, however note well they are more taxing on your body.There are several different ways that you can structure your workouts for how do youget lean. Your muscles need rest in order to recover and grow after a workout, so youwill need to schedule your workouts accordingly. The key is to record your workoutsand compare them to ensure you are progressing in weight and/or reps each workout,if you are not progressing you are likely overtraining and only hampering yourprogress to get lean. Its common for intermediate/advanced trainers to progress to apoint where 1-2 workouts per week is sufficient, you will also likely find that someexercises can be performed more regularly than others and still progress, for example Ifind I can do side lat raises at each workout and still progress where as heavy squats Ican only do every second or third lower body workout. </li><li> 5. For a limited time while authors allow free reports areavaliable at http://www.howdoyougetlean.comAbdominals are an exception: lots of trainees mistakenly believe they are the key togetting a lean waist where in reality this rarely the case, basic wholefood nutrition iswhat loses the body fat you carry around your waist, doing heavy compound exerciselike squats and deadlifts will almost always be sufficient to strengthen your coremuscles as your core muscles are integral to stabilising your body during these exercise.Thats the key to how do you get lean: a nutritious diet consisting of whole foods andan exercise program primarily comprised of heavy weight training. Lifting heavyweights is the key to effective fat burning and muscle development for that lean look..</li></ol>