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EBHR - Psychiatric Behavioral Health Record System for Psychiatric Market

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EMR -For Psychiatric Behavioral Practices, Clinics, Hospitals

Text of EBHR - Psychiatric Behavioral Health Record System for Psychiatric Market

  • 1. Compassionate Care is your missionand commitmentHelping you provide thebest possible care is oursA Leader in Medical Informatics Introduces... e b h rElectronic Behavioral Health Record

2. e b h r Electronic Behavioral Health Record e b h r Electronic Behavioral Health Record Introducing ebhr (Electronic Behavioral Health Record) The ebhr Advantageebhr Allows You to Focus on Providing Quality Care Electronic Behavioral Health ebhr was developed with guidance Improved Workflow & Reduced staffing time needed Increased quality of care and Record (ebhr) is an integrated and input from licensed clinicalProcess Efficienciesfor record keeping allowing for patient satisfaction with true electronic health record systemand medical practitioners,more patient attention. coordination of treatment goals. created to aid organizations thatadministrators, health information Increased Cost Reduction treat both chemical dependency specialists and technology experts. Real-time access to all patient Ability for each user to customize Increased Patient and and mental health disorders. In other words, ebhr was createdhistory, lab results, medications data entry options withSystem Safetyby health care professionals, for and treatment progress. individualized narrative statements. The system was designed to health care professionals. Improved Quality of Information help practitioners concentrate Reduced disconnect between on providing quality patient care Increased Regulatory Compliance medical, nursing, and counseling through the streamlining and services with records accessible consolidation of patient records Increased Staff andPatient Satisfactionand available in real-time. in real-time. A Leader in Medical InformaticsPatient Census Screen Patient Assignment Summary 20 Button Feature Problem List Provides quick access to patient information, Comprehensive snapshot of patients current status,Individualized buttons allows each user to customizeCentralized listing of patient specific issues allows precautions and task iconsincluding admission, discharge and transfer information, routine documentation.clinicians from all disciplines to develop treatment organized by an assigned clinician.plans based on identified problems.Medication Administration Medication ReconciliationTreatment PlanAudit Trail View and track medications scheduled to be dispensedFast, effective way for physicians to reconcile allAllows clinicians to develop individualized care plansAllows for a comprehensive audit of who has used including administration historymedications at admission, transfer and discharge.based on the specific needs of the patient. and/or modified the electronic record. 3. e b h r Electronic Behavioral Health Record MCS Commitment Comes To Life With ebhr The program supports every aspect of service delivery, including the collection, sharing, and reporting of clinical, administrative, and financial data. MCS worked hard to ensure that ebhr is cost effective, completely customizable, user-friendly, easily updated, and meets compliance standards. The ebhr system takes into account the ever-changing regulations for patient medical record reporting, privacy and retention. MCS team will support the client throughout the entire implementation process, ensuring proper customization and integration with the purchasers systems. ebhr is hospital tested and has been proven to meet the rigorous demands of Behavioral Health professionals. A Leader in Medical InformaticsIf you would like more informationon the ebhr system call:(810) 360-5287 Visit us on the web @

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