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this slide explains the basics of aesthetics in fashion and their values in design

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  • 1.Aesthetics Fashion Studies I

2. Concept of beauty.. 3. Beauty is the characteristic of a person,place, object or idea that provides aperceptual experience of pleasure,meaning & satisfaction 4. a good looking person, place orobject is always perceived as morebeautiful than a shabby looking person,place or object ..with respect to time,place & environment 5. Although beauty exists naturally.but theres always adeliberate attempt by humans to beautify itself & theenvironment around.Much of it depends on- the availability of resources- utilitarian significance- socio - cultural significance- symbolic aspect 6. beauty beauty 7. the characterization of a person as beautiful is based oninner beauty & outer beauty and is subjective in nature inner beauty includes psychological factors like personality, intelligence, grace ,charm, eleganceouter beauty includes the physical factors like health,youthfulness, complexion 8. Scarification.. Adornment 9. Tatooing & Ornamentation then 10. Tattooing now..Body painting 11. Is beauty ? tattooing adornment Shape .. form .. texture Use function Feel ..emotion or simply everything 12. Beauty exists in everything nature toaround us.fromarchitecture to.then what is the humanof beauty ? beings. to paintingto apparel it is imbibed within.. 13. The human tendency to look beautiful has existedfrom the past.The context may have changed withtime but the content remains thesamebeautification 14. As a cultural creation beauty has been extremelycommercialized.Everybody wants to look good...feelgood. 15. What do you understand byaesthetics ? 16. .going by the dictionary meaning Aesthetics is the study of beauty & its appreciation 17. In other words it is also new way of seeing andtheperceiving the world 18. You may like it..or simply dont like it 19. You may appreciate it.or may not !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 20. Would you like towear it? 21. Whats your reaction ? 22. Thusappreciation of aesthetics is a veryindividual perceptionTwo people can look atthe same object and canhave different opinionsabout it. 23. Aesthetic examines what makes something beautiful,sublime, disgusting, funny, silly,entertaining, pretentious, harmoniums,boring or tragicJudgment of aesthetics clearly rely on our abilityto discriminate at a sensory level 24. sensitivity to aesthetic qualities can beHoweverwell groomed by training thesenses & the mind 25. Aesthetics qualities can only be appreciated if an individual enjoys the experience of it Therefore the feel good factor attempting to becomes extremely important while appreciate the aesthetic qualitiesThus pleasurable experience one goes through inappreciating design qualities is aesthetic experience 26. Aesthetic experience 27. Aesthetic experience is not onlyabout liking or disliking, its about theinteraction between the product,consumer and the environment. 28. aesthetic experience is thesensitive selection of formal,expressive orGoing by the definition.. symbolic qualities ofproduct or environment pleasure orresulting insatisfaction. 29. What is this product ?Aestheticexperience canWhat is environment?come from product &environmentBut 30. Products are material goods with physicalproperties 31. What is environment ? multi sensory setting thatIt is thesurrounds the body & interacts with theapparel 32. Multi sensory factorsaffecting aestheticsVisualsightkinesthetic tactilemovement touch olfactorysmell auditory soundgustatory taste 33. It is the most obvious source of aesthetic experiencefor the individual. We treat visually attractivebodies better than we treat less attractive individualInterpersonal interactions are susceptible to thevisual appearance of others. 34. It is the experience resulting from touchHuman havesensory receptors all over thebody that register the sensations oftouchPleasurable experience can result from touching andfrom being touched 35. When it comes to apparel, the focus is the feel orhand of the fabricinteracts with variousWhile wearing the fabric literallyparts of the body and registers sensations lofty & soft character of wool provides warmth soft silky nature of silk gives pleasurable experience to the body. 36. KINESTHETIC It is the perception of ones own body movementsound of the musicour senses registers the& starts reacting to the beat of themusic. apparel also contributes to the kinesthetic experience. 37. during dance the floating fabric reinforces the gracefulmovement of the body 38. Pleasant smell also has an impact on the aestheticexperience From brushing our teeth to bathingto getting ready.. we tend to use so many products that have got fragrance.Retailers like JC Penny have are filling their stores with pleasant,mood evoking odor to stimulate the desirability of product 39. Sounds filing the environment facilitatesaesthetic environmentThe effect of music on the apparelproduct may be found in retail stores, fashionshow and TV advertisements 40. Taste has little to do with aestheticappreciation of apparelBut there areother products used on the body thatare flavored to add to the appeal 41. Environment possesses Social qualities - geographic location - ethnicity - religion - sexual orientation formal, expressive & symbolic qualities 42. Aesthetics in movies 43. Aesthetics in filmsdifferent expression of various characterslead to aesthetic experience 44. Aesthetics in two dimensional art 45. Aesthetic consideration within the visual art is usually associated withthe sense of vision. Juxtaposition 46. Creation of 3 two dimensionality..Creation of depth 47. repetition movement 48. ..perspective 49. Aesthetics digital art 50. Aesthetics in Maps 51. .represents the symbolic aspect of aesthetics like the expression of terrain, landscape etc.this forms an imagined visual experience of aesthetic 52. .symbolic aspect of maps 53. Content forms a clear direction of of ornamentation inantique maps 54. symbolic representation of the political boundaries 55. Aesthetics in marketing 56. .marketing is concerned with the trade dress of a branding, its commercialproduct such as itsrepresentation or the reputation of drives human mind to think in adirection where they would have notpreviously. 57. ..product commercial 58. .commercial launch of a product 59. .commercial advertisement of a product 60. Product branding 61. product dressing 62. catchy jingles 63. Aesthetics in music 64. .aesthetic elements expressed in music include lyricism, harmony, emotions, volume dynamics, resonance, playfulness, color, depth & mood. 65. lyricism as aesthetics 66. harmony in music 67. Volumeplayfulnessdynamic resonance 68. .emotional expression in music 69. Aesthetics in performing arts 70. .expression of grace, balance, timing, beauty, drama & sensuality 71. .expression of balance, strength & timing 72. sensuality, balance, rhythm 73. Aesthetics in literature 74. Author uses a variety of techniques to appeal to theaesthetic value of the reader likerhythm, illustrations, imagery, suspense,drama, analysis etc. 75. Mind Without FearWhere the mind is without fear and the head is held high; Where knowledge is free;Where the world has not been broken upinto fragments by narrow domestic walls; Where words come out from the depth of truth; Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection;Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of deadhabit;Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever-widening thought and action--- Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake. 76. short stories, novels, non fictions, fiction,poems appeal to the aesthetic value of thereader. 77. Lajja is a response of Taslima NasrinAnti Hindu riots which erupted in partsof Bangladesh, soon after thedemolition of Babri Masjid in India on6th December 1992. The book subtlyindicates that communal feelings wereon the rise, the Hindu minority ofBangladesh was not fairly treated, andsecularism was under shadow. 78. suspense, adventure, fantasy, drama 79. Aesthetics in gastronomy 80. Gastronomy is the studyof relationshipbetween culture & food.Although food is the basis & frequently experiencedcommodity, careful attention to the aestheticpossibilities of food turns eating into gastronomy. 81. careful and a visually appealing arrangement of foodinspire our senses of smell & taste leading toaesthetic experience 82. Aesthetics in information technology 83. Aesthetics in information technology focuses on used friendlydevices, software applications