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  • Sri Lanka America Association of Southern California

    Sri Lanka Foundation does not need an introduction now. This organization is working with a

    commitment to promote Sri Lankan culture, languages and ethos. There are a number of things

    about Sri Lanka that many people may not be aware of, Sri Lankan Non-Profit Organization

    in California is guiding people about achievements of famous people from Sri Lanka. The

    organization was formed by Dr. Walter Jayasinghe, a renowned doctor, philanthropist and

    entrepreneur from Sri Lanka who is currently residing in Unites States. He has great dedication,

    patriotism, and love for his birthplace Sri Lanka and he wants others to feel the same.

  • How Sri Lanka Foundation of Los Angeles is promoting Sri Lankan Culture?

    Sri Lanka Day Expo

    The Sri Lanka Day Expo is a popular event intended to promote musicians, businesses, dancers

    and Sri Lankan Food in Los Angeles. The expo appeals every Sri Lankan person across the

    globe to feel their nations culture. The traditional parade named as Perahera is a key attraction

    of this event.

  • Beauty Pageant and Fashion Show

    Sri Lanka America Association of Southern California hosts an annual Miss Sri Lanka

    America beauty pageant and Fashion Show to encourage and promote Sri Lankan traditional

    beauty in America.

    Sri Lanka Foundation Awards

    Sri Lanka Foundation Awards is also a major event by this nonprofit organization. It is held in

    Los Angeles, California to give recognition to worthy people from Sri Lanka in all arenas of

    human discipline.

  • YES! World Youth Conference

    YES or Young Expatriate Sri Lankans World Youth Conference is initiative from Sri Lanka

    Foundation to support young generation from Sri Lanka. This event provides an opportunity for

    the youth of Sri Lanka to learn about their nation, network and develop strategies to aid Sri


    Apart from above mentioned events and concerts, the Foundation of Los Angeles also organizes

    an event Sri Lanka Day to support Sri Lankan culture and businesses. Other programs include

    Sri Lanka Performing Art Center, SLF awards and more.


    Sri Lanka Foundation

    1930 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1100

    Los Angeles, CA 90057

    Phone : (213) 483 0126

    Fax: (213) 413 1233

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