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<ul><li><p>Programme : Sri Lanka</p><p>Duration : 08 days</p><p>Period : January 2014</p><p>Dilra Tours visit Sri Lanka with Dilra ToursNo 468, Baranes Kanda rd, Pilapitiya , Kelaniya11600,Colombo,Sri LankaHotline: - 0094 770776048, 0094 117 914615Email:- tours@lankatouroperator.com , </p><p>Website:- www.lankatouroperator.com , www.dilra.in, www.dilra.co.uk</p>mailto:tours@lankatouroperator.comhttp://www.lankatouroperator.com/http://www.dilra.in/http://www.dilra.co.uk/</li><li><p>Inclusions of the Packages</p><p>Accommodation sharing 01DBL room for 07 Nights</p><p>Breakfast basis from Day 02 to Day 08</p><p>Transportation by air-conditioned CAR from Airport on day 01 to Airport on day 08</p><p>Service of An English speaking chauffeur guide</p><p>Service of All sightseeing</p><p>Fuel for Car, Meals for Driver, Accommodation for Driver</p><p>Paging &amp; Welcome at the Airport</p><p>Including Taxes &amp; Service charges </p><p>Exclusions of the Packages</p><p> Lunch , Dinner</p><p> Breakfast for Day 01 </p><p> Personal Expenses</p><p> Camera and Video Charges</p><p> Entrance, Activity and Ticket fees</p><p> Seasonal supplements by hotels.</p><p> Anything not mentioned except</p><p>Flight tickets , Visa fees </p></li><li><p>Tour Circuit </p><p>Names of the hotels are mentioned in the package section</p><p>Day 1 Airport &gt; Negombo (Few hours relax in Hotel)</p><p>Day 1 Negombo &gt; Anuradhapura (Overnight stay in Anuradhapura)</p><p>Day 2 Anuradhapura &gt; Polonnaruwa &gt; Sigiriya &gt; Habarana (Overnight stay in Habarana)</p><p>Day 3 Habarana &gt; Dambulla &gt; Matale &gt; Kandy (Overnight stay in Kandy)</p><p>Day 4 Kandy &gt; Kitulgala &gt; Nuwara eliya (Overnight stay in Nuwara eliya)</p><p>Day 5 Nuwara eliya &gt; Ella &gt; Yala (Overnight stay in Yala)</p><p>Day 6 Yala &gt; Galle &gt; Ahangama (Overnight stay in Ahangama)</p><p>Day 7 Ahangama (Overnight stay in Ahangama)</p><p>Day 8 Ahangama &gt; Airport</p></li><li><p>Day 01 Airport/ Negombo</p><p>Welcome by our representative at the airport and transfer to Negombo</p><p>Relax in Honors Club Hotel in Negombo</p><p>Visit Negombo -</p><p>Few hours relax in Hotel &amp; proceed to Anuradhapura</p></li><li><p>Day 01 Negombo / Anuradhapura </p><p>After breakfast proceed to Anuradhapura</p><p>Overnight stay at Hotel in Anuradhapura (Names of the hotels are mentioned in the quotation section)</p><p>Visit Ancient city Anuradhapura</p><p>Archaeological Site Anuradhapura was the capital of the first kingdom of ancient Sri</p><p>Lanka. Most of the huge tanks, monuments, and ruined buildings are in this province.</p><p>Anuradhapura is world heritage site. The land is mostly tropical woodlands and not</p><p>densely populated at the present but this area had been the most populated place in</p><p>the past.</p><p>Sight seeing </p><p>Abhayagiri , Aukana Buddha statue, Ashokaramaya,Sri Maha bodhiya , </p><p>Thuparamaya,Ruwanveliseya,Jetavanaramaya, Samadhi Buddha statue, Isurumuniya, </p><p>Twin ponds, Half moon stone (Sandakada pahana), Stone Bridge, Mihintalaya</p><p>Thereafter proceed to Hotel &amp; relax in Hotel </p></li><li><p>Day 02 Anuradhapura/ Polonnaruwa/ Sigiriya/ Habarana</p><p>After breakfast proceed to Polonnaruwa via Sigiriya</p><p>Overnight stay at Hotel in Habarana (Names of the hotels are mentioned in the quotation section)</p><p>Morning enroute to Polonnaruwa or After Polonnaruwa visit Sigiriya (With interest</p><p>time to climb in day time allowed to decide)</p><p>UNESCO world heritage &amp; Historical Sigiriya rock fortress </p><p>Sigiriya rock was a royal citadel for nearly twenty years. This great exciting site is</p><p>nearly one hectare in extent. The rock fortress in the shape of a lion is a masterpiece of</p><p>architecture. Very famous throughout the world for the ruins of palace in top of the rock ,</p><p>frescoes on it, Advance water system and gardening. Thereafter proceed to Polonnaruwa</p><p>or Habarana</p><p>Ancient city Archaeological site Polonnaruwa</p><p>The second most ancient of Sri Lanka's Kingdoms, declared the city by King</p><p>Vijayabahu1. Ancient City of Polonnaruwa is has been declared a World Heritage Site</p><p>Galviharaya , Kirivehera, Medirigiriya, Nissanka Mallas Palace, Parakramabahus Palace,</p><p>Parakrama Samudraya, Pothgul Vehera, Rankot Vehera, Royal Palace Complex,</p><p>Satmahal Prasada, Thuparamaya, Vatadage, Thereafter proceed to Habarana or</p><p>Sigiriya</p></li><li><p>Day 03 Habarana/ Dambulla/ Matale/ Kandy</p><p>After breakfast proceed to Kandy via Dambulla</p><p>Overnight stay at Hotel in Nuwara eliya (Names of the hotels are mentioned in the quotation section)</p><p>Visit golden rock cave temple in Dambulla</p><p>Dambulla a small town central location of cultural triangle. Dambulla cave temple known as </p><p>the Golden Temple of Dambulla is a world Heritage Site in Sri Lanka It is the largest cave </p><p>temple complex in Sri Lanka. Thereafter proceed to Matale</p><p>Visit Matale Aluvihara Temple and proceed to Spice garden, </p><p>Visit Spice Garden in Matale</p><p>Mannerly cultivated Many different types of spices Sri Lanka is famous for Pepper, Cloves, </p><p>Cinnamon &amp; Cardamom, Visit are visible in spice garden to learn about Sri Lankan spices </p><p>&amp; herbs. Thereafter proceed to Kandy</p><p>Cultural City Kandy (Senkada gala Nuwara) &amp; Temple of Tooth Relic</p><p>The city of Udarata perform Sri Lankan culture and the most sacred city of in the island. </p><p>the last kingdom of Sri Lanka &amp; in 1815 British captured Kandy but still the living tradition </p><p>of Kandy is survived. visit temple of tooth relic the holy shrine of Lord Buddha, </p><p>The architecture of the Dalada Maligawa &amp; associate buildings the audience hall, </p><p>mahamaluva, are most attractive and express the tradition of Kandy, kandy view points, </p><p>Gem, Traditional Dance. </p></li><li><p>Day 04 Kandy/ Kitulgala/ Nuwara eliya</p><p>After breakfast proceed to Nuwara eliya via Kitulgala</p><p>Overnight stay at Hotel in Nuwara eliya (Names of the hotels are mentioned in the quotation section)</p><p>Experience White Water Rafting in Kitulgala</p><p>Experience white water rafting in the Kelani river, Modern rafts &amp; a comprehensive</p><p>safety briefing will be given by rafting instructors beforehand. the river and its</p><p>surrounding will make you feel enchanted, with a memorable experience during</p><p>your white water rafting activity, Thereafter proceed to Nuwara eliya</p><p>Nuwara eliya (Tea Trail)</p><p>The city Little England gives different feel from other part of the country. the</p><p>remain colonial architectures has earned the name Little England.</p><p>Tea Factory and Plantation - visit tea plantation and tea factory to learn how the</p><p>world tastiest tea make, Quality and the tastiest tea packets can buy from the</p><p>factory outlets. Evening relax in Hotel</p></li><li><p>Day 05 Nuwara eliya/ Ella / Yala</p><p>After breakfast proceed to Yala via Ella</p><p>Overnight stay at Hotel in Yala (Names of the hotels are mentioned in the quotation section)</p><p>Visit Seetha Amman Kovil</p><p>This is a place where princess Seetha was held captive by the King Ravana, records </p><p>Ramayana. Venerated as a holy place especially by the Hindus and the temple </p><p>premises has been built in line with Hindu architecture. Thereafter proceed to Ella</p><p>Ella Gap</p><p>The heavenly place view, overlooks a spectacular gap in the southern mountain wall where the</p><p>lands falls away a scenic drop of 3,000 feet to the southern plains and sea,</p><p>Rawana Fall</p><p>A beautiful natural wonder associated with legend is the Rawana Ella, Thereafter proceed to Yala</p></li><li><p>Day 06 Yala/ Galle/ Ahangama</p><p>Full Day safari in Yala</p><p>Overnight stay at Hotel in Ahangama (Names of the hotels are mentioned in the quotation section)</p><p>Yala National Park</p><p>Safari in Yala National Park by Jeep. Yala is the largest national Park in Sri Lanka and is the</p><p>home of wild Elephants, wild Boar, wild Buffaloes, Leopard, Bear, Deer and Crocodiles. You</p><p>can also see large flocks of migratory in indigenous birds. Thereafter proceed to Bentota</p><p>Visit UNESCO Heritage Galle City &amp; Fortress</p><p>The Galle Fort built by Portuguese in 1588, the Historical, Archaeological and</p><p>architectural heritage monuments from 423 maintained well for today. Galle fort is one</p><p>of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thereafter proceed to Bentota</p><p>Relax in Ahangama beach</p></li><li><p>Day 07 Ahangama/ Bentota</p><p>Full Day Relax in Beach</p><p>Overnight stay at Hotel in Ahangama (Names of the hotels are mentioned in the quotation section)</p></li><li><p>Day 08 Ahangama/ Bentota/ Airport </p><p>Relax in Hotel &amp; Evening proceed to Airport from Bentota</p><p>Evening proceed to Airport for Departure</p><p>In the afternoon Boat safari in Bentota or Madu river </p><p>Watch Islands, Birds &amp; Mangrove forest while boat safari in River. Thereafter </p><p>proceed to Airport for Departure </p></li></ul>