What does your jewelry talk about you

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Find out how your favorite piece of jewelry defines you. Yes, like your clothes your jewelry also talks a lot about you. Read through the presentation to find out how.

Text of What does your jewelry talk about you

  • What does your jewelry talk about you?
  • The way you dress up talks a lot about your personality and behavior. Jewelry is a major part of your wardrobe, and thus reflects you!
  • Read more to find out what your jewelry talks about you! Please note that the meanings have been derived after research. It might be different for different people!
  • 1. Rings
  • Rings A ring symbolizes POWER! That power can either be of love or religion or just status. You are ambitious and very poised. You believe in sharing and giving. You admire creativity and are innovative yourself.
  • 2. Earrings
  • Earrings A person who loves to wear earrings is young at heart. You are highly confident and a conqueror by nature! You believe in simplicity but are here to leave a mark on every mind. You are very passionate towards your family/friends/life Sometimes, you like to be the boss!
  • 3. Bangles
  • Bangles No matter what kind of bangles you wear and with what attire, you are a traditional person at heart, who loves to spend time with loved ones. You are full of positive energy because of which you are the center of attraction of any group.
  • 4. Pendants
  • Pendants You are a loving and friendly person who believes in the power of relationships. You believe in a close-knit family or circle of friends. You have clear goals in life, usually fix one goal at a time. You have a positive take on every thing good or bad.
  • 5. Necklace
  • Necklace You are a trend-setter and believes in making a statement everywhere you go. You are very adventurous in nature and do not mind going out of your way to do things for others. You are very inspiring in nature and your friends look up to you for advice.
  • So, now
  • go ahead and define yourself every time you wear your favourite piece of jewelry!
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