Jewelry Box Blues? Jewelry Redesign Concepts

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Do you have jewelry that you've collected or inherited that you do not wear? Turn heirloom, vintage and outdated jewelry into new pieces with some innovative design solutions! You don't always have to take all the stones out and melt it down into something totally new. Plate it, cut it, add to it... the sky is the limit with a creative jewelry designer and talented goldsmith!


<ul><li>1.Jewelry Box Blues? Turn Your Jewels into Jewelry Youll Use! </li></ul> <p>2. Total Redesign Before After: With some additional stones 3. Total Redesign Before After: With some additional diamonds 4. Total Redesign Mounting before (diamonds already removed) New Mounting With some additional diamonds 5. Conversion Ring Before Pendant After 6. Conversion Ring Before Pendant After 7. Conversion Ring (center already cut out mid production) Pendant After 8. Conversion Ring Before Pendant After 9. Conversion Ring Before Pendant and Earrings After 10. Conversion Pendant Before Ring After 11. Conversion with Customization Ring Before Brooch After: Center retained, gold halo new 12. Update Engagement Ring Prong Setting Before Platinum Semi-Bezel After 13. Sentimental Ring Improvement Before After 14. Repurposing Diamonds Before After: New mounting, additional diamonds 15. Complex Ring Upsizing Area to be cut open Two tone metal added and engraved 16. Bling Combining Before Stock findings after with some additional diamonds. $$ Saved 17. Sentimental Diamonds and Band Materials New Setting, existing diamonds and band 18. Plating Yellow Gold Updated to white with rhodium plating 19. Sentimental Ring to Bracelet Ring Awesome Leather Bracelet 20. Bring the Bling Pieces Parts Combined for Birthday Present with added halo 21. Not Thrilled Engagement Diamond Too High in Stock Prong Setting Custom Head Installed, lower and matches band design better 22. Update Outdated ring Updated with diamond and rhodium plating 23. Clean and Plate Before After 24. Sentimental Ring Repair Before After installing difficult to find gems 25. Favorite Earring Lost Lonely Earring With its new buddy 26. Gemstone Gift and Pawnshop Find Parts After 27. The Process 28. Visit or call 888-kri-kawa </p>