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Sundance Experience Design Audit

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Visited Sundance 2014 for a quick little vacation getaway. You can take the girl out of experience design, but you can't take the UX out of the girl. Ended up studying how the various brands (Chase, Acura, Eddie Bauer, Morningstar, Cannon) designed the attendee experience.

Text of Sundance Experience Design Audit


2. SUNDANCE 2014CONFIDE2BACKGROUND- Founded by Robert Redford in 1978- Highlights indie American films- Anyone can attend- Spread over 2 weeks, though all thecelebs come the first weekend- 50k people descend upon Park City, UT- Brands buy sponsorship. Overtakespaces or entire stores.Pics mine unless otherwise noted. 3. BRAND EXPERIENCES2 PLACES TO BE SEEN: THEATRES AND MAIN STREET 4. BRAND EXPERIENCESBRANDS SHOWED UP 1 OF 2 WAYSHere we are!_All about them_Cue jazz hands_Heavy brand presence:brand + brand + brand(Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!)Oh hai, Sundance, how youdoin?_Integrated_Organic_Equal presence:brand + attendees + Sundance 5. HERE WE ARE!CONFIDE5ACURALocation_Courtyard_Open to publicSchtick_Cars on display_Videos to watchOther_Official Uber car 6. HERE WE ARE!CONFIDE6EDDIEBAUERLocation_Store_Invite-onlySchtick_Gifting suite withproduct for VIPs_Premium openbarOther_Non-VIPsscripted / stillfeel special 7. HERE WE ARE!CONFIDE7MORNINGSTARVEGGIE FOODSLocation_Store_Open to publicSchtick_Free food_1 per wait in lineOther_Free BOGO coupon 8. OH HAI, SUNDANCECONFIDE8CHASESAPPHIRECARDLocation_Store_Open to publicSchtick_Highlightedlocal, small biz/chef each daywith tastings_Partner with Britato give awaywater bottleOther_Access to partieswith credit card_Handout 9. OH HAI, SUNDANCECONFIDE9CANONLocation_Bar_Invite-only(Producers,Directors, DPs)Schtick_Cameras ondisplay and youcould play with_Videos to watchOther_Panels withindustry experts 10. BOTH HAVE THEIR PLACE, BUT WHEN IN DOUBTTAKE ON THE ROLE OFSUPPORTING PLAYER,NOT THE STAR 11. GIVE THE AUDIENCE A HINT OF A SCENE. NOMORE THAN THAT. GIVE THEM TOO MUCH ANDTHEY WON'T CONTRIBUTE ANYTHINGTHEMSELVES. GIVE THEM JUST A SUGGESTIONAND YOU GET THEM WORKING WITH YOU.THAT'S WHAT GIVES THE THEATER MEANING:WHEN IT BECOMES A SOCIAL ACT.ORSON WELLES 12. FUN STUFFTHERE WERE MOVIES THERE, TOO! 13. BRAND EXPERIENCESIMAGINE THE INTUIT EXPERIENCE 14. THANKSFORLISTENING

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