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Stylo pen pitch presentation by Elliot, Rachael and Russell for KCB101

Text of Stylo Pens storyboard - KCB101

  • 1. Stylo Pens Presented by Elliot Barry,Rachael Thomas and Russell LaiPresented by Elliot, Rachael and Russell

2. The brandRidikolus: Its about branding and perception30 Rock Season 1, episode 16. 3. The storyboardNote: The Stylo pen has been enlarged throughout slides for emphasis 4. Stylo penLisztomania by Phoenix playing 5. Stylo pen 6. Stylo pen 7. Stylo pen 8. StyloVoice Over: The pen for anybodys everyday 9. Interpretation 10. StyloThe pen for anybodys everyday 11. Thank you