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What are the current trends in Youth Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

Text of Youth Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

  • 1. Youth Enterprise & Entrepreneurship "people, planet and profit"T: @eMotivator W: E:
  • 2. Youth Enterprise Explosion Social, Individual, Entrepreneurs High expectations for advancement Education Global Access to: Information Skills Finance Instant Connections and Market TechnologyT: @eMotivator W: E:
  • 3. Why are they Entrepreneurs? A New Universities Family & Friends Challenge 2% 5% 13% The Independence recession 30% Want to Make 8% a Difference 15% I had a great idea Create I wanted to be my 25% Opportunities own boss 18% 60% Money 24% Grow a business and sell it 15% Become a millionaire 38% Give back to society 23% Make a day-to-day living T: @eMotivator W: http://david.bozward.comSource: NCGE FlyingStart, 350 University Entrepreneurs 24% E:
  • 4. Enablers Role Models Entrepreneurs Popular Culture Portfolio Working Recession No life time careersT: @eMotivator W: E:
  • 5. Enterprising People have. Focus Social Advantage Enterprising Team Creativity EgoT: @eMotivator W: E:
  • 6. Focus Steve Jobs Strong focus Lock onto a target Concentration Never lose sight Always know how, what, whenBe a yardstick of quality. Some people arent used to an environment where excellence is expected.T: @eMotivator W: E:
  • 7. Alan Sugar "In my game, you got to know what sells?" Advantage Identifying Select opportunities Know what options give greatest benefitsT: @eMotivator W: E:
  • 8. "problem-solving is at the core of all creativity" James Dyson Creativity Generate ideas Problem solving Thinking outside the boxT: @eMotivator W: E:
  • 9. Simon Cowell In charge of their own destiny Courage Make a difference EgoIf youve got a big mouth and youre controversial, youre going to get attention.T: @eMotivator W: E:
  • 10. Richard Branson Find the right person Builds on strengths Fill in for weaknesses Multiplier of talent Team I believe in benevolent dictatorship provided I am the dictator.T: @eMotivator W: E:
  • 11. If I cant do something for the public good, what the hell am I doing? Anita Roddick Social Belief Values ResponsibilityT: @eMotivator W: E:
  • 12. Young Minds, New BusinessesT: @eMotivator W: E:
  • 13. What Youth Enterprise needs to help it along? Mentoring Investment Growth Flexibility Online E-Learning Incubators NetworksT: @eMotivator W: E:
  • 14. Flavours of Social Enterprise Trusts Limited companies with a social purpose Community benefit societies Social enterprises as registered charities Community Interest Companies Charitable incorporated organizationsT: @eMotivator W: E:
  • 15. Dr. David Bozward david@bozward.comT: @eMotivator W: E: