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ST THMarch 1 4 , 2018

Digital Entrepreneurship: Learning from the Best

Youth Conference Entrepreneurship Organization

OVERVIEWThe development of digital entrepreneurship is progressively growing in

developing countries. Digital entrepreneurship is one of the problem-

solving for a country to reduce unemployment and poverty, as well as

increasing economic growth, since it is categorized as new venture that

maximize digital technologies. This entrepreneurship sector gets more

enthusiasm from new and young business starters, who are aware of new

innovation and new master design of business in digital era. Look at

what's in today, how many opportunities do you see to be digital

entrepreneurship? YOUCEO Thailand 2018 will help you to find the


To be foremost grassroots youth empowerment in

entrepreneurship across the world.



To inspire, empower, and promote a new young generation of

entrepreneurs by providing the skills, knowledge, and resources

needed for creating business and providing individual

development to contribute to national development.

Youth Conference Entrepreneurship Organization

Delegates will have a chance to prepare a presentation individually or in a group (max. 3 persons) in the related theme which is the digital entrepreneurship. The best candidate will have a chance to present the presentation in the conference. This will open their mind, inspire and broaden horizons. Moreover, they should challenge themselves in making a paper with the theme Entrepreneur.

Delegates will experience learning by visiting the iconic landmarks and world known attractions in Thailand. Explore the country, the people who live in the country, the culture, and their customs.

To accomplish the program, delegates will visit several markets to learn about the business in Singapore including products, visitors, customers, and the market itself as well as having a better understanding of the global economy issues and perspective.



ACTIVITIESThe program is divided into 3 main activities:

Youth Conference Entrepreneurship Organization


OBJECTIVESThe objectives of the program for the students are as follows:

GuideMeals Certificate T-Shirt First Aid Hotel

Document Action

24 HoursService

Transportation Award Merchandise

YOUCEO has an extensive range of International Conference facilities and services that we provide

to deliver exactly what the participants need the most. From the International Conference

certificate to 24 hours service, we are pleased to provide these for the participants. Please, get in

touch today to hear how we can make your International Conference one to be really remembered.


Youth Conference Entrepreneurship Organization

Global Economy PerspectiveOpen mind and give a global knowledge and expand the horizons. Delegates will gain knowledge regarding the Global Economy: Managing the Global Economy in Education, Human Capital Development, Government Role, Business Development at the Digital Era.

Digital Economy Opportunities and ChallengesHave a better understanding and have more discoveries about the opportunities and challenges of the digital economy.

Global Business DevelopmentGet the insight of the global business development, the government role, advanced technology, and the impact to the economic growth. Self-Potential DiscoveryThe opportunity to experience learning model directly in the field which will invite Delegates to be nimbler and have the mentality to be able to contribute globally and side by side with the international community. Take the challenge to stimulate the hidden potential and strengthen existing ones.

Devising the Global NetworkingDelegates will be among the people from many diverse backgrounds which might give new ideas and insights along with the experience. Delegates are challenged to uncover future opportunities, take in new knowledge, enrich the networking, and discover global perspectives. Get the opportunity firsthand to mix and mingle, form new relationships and strengthen existing ones.


Main Theme:

Topic 1: Grasping the opportunities as Digital Entrepreneurs, innovation coming from around

Topic 2: The Challenges of Digital Entrepreneurship: taking trial or silent?

Topic 3: The Success key becoming Digital Entrepreneurs

We hope to broaden the knowledge of Youth especially on The Innovation of Digital

Entrepreneurship: Conducting Business in the Digital Era, specially the success key, and

opportunities and challenges. By the given knowledge, youth are expected to be inspired and

empowered to give more value in the global education and the country for a brighter future.

Moreover, they might be brave to take the step to become the CEO of their own ideas and product


*We are proposing a collaboration with the top institutions and industries in Thailand regarding

the conference and workshop.


st thMarch 1 - 4 ,2018The International Conference

ndon March 2 ,2018The team has been successfully held similar Conference in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand in January and

February 2017.

The Delegates will be 50-80 students of multi discipline background

from various universities in Indonesia and overseas.



Topics of the Conference are:

17-25 Years OldHigh School Student or University StudentHaving Good Communication Skill

Having a Good Spiritual and Emotional PersonalityPhysically and Mentally HealthyWilling to Share Knowledge and experience

Youth Conference Entrepreneurship Organization

Digital Entrepreneurship: Learning from the Best



Airport Assistance Stepping out of the plane in Don Mueang Airport, Bangkok, the participants will get airport assistance, and the committees will welcome and assist all participants during the program.

Tasting Thai Traditional FoodThe rst experience in Thailand will be started by tasting spicy and juicy typical Thai food.

Youth Conference Entrepreneurship Organization

International ConferenceParticipant will experience an international conference attended by global students and keynote speakers from Thailand. The participants will share their idea concerning on interesting theme Digital Entrepreneurship: Learning from the Best. By having several expert speakers in digital entrepreneurship, the participants are expected to get involved vigorously, with three topics below:



Topic 1 Grasping the opportunities as Digital Entrepreneurs, innovation

coming from around

Topic 2 the Challenges of Digital Entrepreneurship: taking trial or silent?

Topic 3 The Success key becoming Digital Entrepreneurs

Youth Conference Entrepreneurship Organization

Best Thai University EruditionThe participant will get campus visit and meet the academicians in one of the best university in Thailand to learn more about Thailand educational atmosphere and student's activity.

Gems Gallery

This is a benecial company visit agenda for the participants where they will be

invited to visit Gems Factory, Pattaya to learn more about the production of Gems in


Chao Phraya and Wat Arun

To have more understanding of the Thailand Culture, participants will visit Chao

Phraya and one of the most stunning temples in Thailand, Wat Arun. In these two

places, the participants will explore typical Thai landmark that mesmerize their eyes.

Gold and stunning Buddhist statues are outstanding!

Asiatique the Riverfront

The last visit will be one of the largest market in ASEAN. Here, the participants will

discover Thailand market euphoria and get to know pieces of economic activity in


Closing Program

The program will be lled with togetherness and kinship and closed with warm

farewell from all participants. We look forward to meet our new CEO in the future.

Airport Transfer

The participants will be transferred to airport to for departing to his hometown. This is

the end of YOUCEO Thailand 2018, but applying what all participants have, has

already begun.



This proposal was made as a reference of Youth Conference Entrepreneurship Organization (YOUCEO) Thailand Program 2018. Should there is any inquiries or suggestions, please contact

the committee via email or phone.


Yours Sincerely

Head of Program

Youth Conference Entrepreneurship Organization 2018

Youth Conference Entrepreneurship Organization

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