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  • Lead up to World Environment Day began on Tuesday 2 June when posters were placed around the school advertising the special day.During the day Three Kings School will help the environment by:Planting a treeShutting down the power for half a dayMaking sure our school is litter free

    What you can do on World Environment Day?Wear green clothes for the dayWalk to school if at all possibleBring a rubbish free lunch to school (use reusable containers instead of individually wrapped food, no glad wrap!)

  • At the whole school assembly on Thursday one class presented an item on World Environment Day and explained how Three Kings School was going to celebrate it.

  • On Friday everyone wore something green to school

  • Some people even painted their faces green and coloured their hair green too!

  • The Junior and Middle Syndicates planted a garden outside their classrooms. They prepared the gardens first by digging in compost and sheep pellets. Then they planted the bulbs and flowers.

  • The senior school planted a tree and a shrub.

  • A special place outside the main office was found for the Camellia Tree.

  • We had a rubbish-free lunch. Children were encouraged to bring lunch to school in reusable containers and to use paper wrap instead of plastic

  • But thats not all!

    Children were encouraged to walk to school -if not all the way, at least some of the way.

    We had a power-free time between 11 and 12.30 when all the classes turned their lights, computers and other electronic equipment off.