What I Do and Why It Matters

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  • 1. What I Do & Why it Matters Sarah P. Miller Director of social community

2. What I do: lots of stuff, but this is why Im here today 3. The good, the bad and the ugly: UW-Platteville social + web 4. THE GOODYou! Awwww. 5. THE BADIm a special snowflake. And so is my brat sale. 6. THE UGLYLets do social media! And then abandon it. 7. ITS NOT A STRATEGY IF YOU CANT MAINTAIN IT. 8. HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL AT SOCIAL MEDIA Show up. Listen. Do epic shit. - @tsand Embrace negative content. CARE. 9. HOW TO FAIL AT SOCIAL MEDIASet it and forget it. Do it alone. Stop learning.Be unprofessional. 10. MOBILE: SERIOUS STUFF HERE 11. 100% 89% 87% 88% 88%90% 80%85%83%82%84%ADULT GADGET OWNERSHIP OVER TIME91% 85% 85%87%75% 73%70% 68%65%64% 62%60%57%57%52% 47%50%56%Cell phone61%Desktop computer58% 55%Laptop computer 42% 43%40%42%34% 35%41%30%29%34% 19% 19%20%20%31%Game console25%24% 26%18%24%e-Book reader Tablet computer18%10%10%5% 3%2%8%9%Sep-13May-13Jan-13Dec-12Nov-12Sep-12Aug-12Apr-12Feb-12Jan-12Aug-11May-10Sep-09Apr-09Apr-08Dec-07Apr-06May-114%0%Sep-1030%mp3 player45%37%Pew Internet surveys 2006-2013, http://pewinternet.org/Commentary/2012/February/Pew-Internet-Mobile.aspx 12. MOBILE OWNERSHIP 91% MOBILE INTERNET USE 63% Karen McGrane, Content Strategy for Mobile 13. 34% ONLY or MOSTLY use the internet on mobile 45% use the internet on mobile HALF THE TIME OR MORE 14. 50% of teens 12-17 ONLY or MOSTLY use the internet on mobile50% of young adults 18-29 ONLY or MOSTLY use the internet on mobile 15. WHAT THIS MEANSObservatory.onmason.com 16. GOOD CONTENT TRANSCENDS PLATFORM. 17. TAKEAWAYS #1 Its an ORGANISM, not a process. 18. #2 No matter who you are or what kind of company or organization you work for, your number one job is to TELL YOUR STORY to the consumer wherever they are - Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee 19. #3 GET COMFORTABLE WITH FAILURE. You dont suck. 20. millersara@uwplatt.edu @SarahPMiller