Using the Web2 Engage Language Learners

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Use as part of a presentation to Japanese teachers showing what can be done with Web20 and how to get started


1.Using the Web2 Engage language learners with technology2. 3. Web 2.0 The read / write web Flcikr photo byryyo 4. Wikis Blogs Social networking Collaborate Share music / videos / photos Nings Skype Create 5. Resources everywhere For anywhere, anytime learning 6. RSS Flickr photo byinky 7. Get the internet to deliver the info to you Much easier than spending hours looking for it 8. PLN Flickr photo bypag2525 9. 10. 11. Found a good site? What 2 do? 12. Bookmark it?Flickr photo byHeres Kate 13. Save it for later? 14. Or share them with the world 15. Join other language teachers & share the load 16. Sign up & join thesegroups Resources for Languages Technolanguages Teaching Japanese 17. Technology + Language Flickr photo byphoenixdailyphoto 18. 19. Connect 20. 21. Remembering / understanding 22. Learning Vocab can be fun 23. MystuDIYo - create online tests 24. ProProfs QuizSchool 25. Wordle 26. 27. 28. Applying / Analysing 29. Reading Comprehension with a difference 30. Umapper Exercise There are 7 markers on the map. Placing your cursor over each marker will give you information on what Tarou did & when.You need to write what he did at each place & rank the place in the order he visited them (based on the time he was there). Work these out & complete the chart. 31. Read the clues - Find the place 32. Creating 33. Create a Voki 34. Animoto 35. Windows movie maker


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