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<ul><li>1.Digital Tools to Engage Learners as Creators of Language Carla Arena</li></ul> <p>2. Totally wired. 3. A time of No ChoiceThis generation of kids in ourschools is the first not to have achoice about technology. Most ofus grew up in a time whentechnology was an add on, and formany of us, we still see it as achoice, especially in education.Will Richardson 4. New Ways of Communication 5. In many schools, still the reality. 6. Brick and mortar xstudents technology-infused worlds 7. Totally collaborative. 8. Tool with a Purpose 9. Retooling Ourselves. 10. Educators as Designers 11. ARTISTSAUTHORSDJs FILMAKERSDESIGNERSPOETS 12. Participation Engagement Production 13. Whats in your TOOLBOX ? 14. Emotions ToolsPurposeProduction 15. Example;feature=player_embedded 16. Go Animate 17. OhLife! 18. 19. Whats makes Brazil unique? 20. Beauty is 21. Telling a story 22. Telling a story 23. Linoit 24. Linoit 25. Whats your favorite film? 26. Digital Scrapbooking 27. Engaging Kids 28. Q&amp; 29. Q&amp; 30. Learning Relative Pronouns by teaching Foreigners 31. Using Sites for Project Inspiration Good Design 32. Edmodo 33. Scribblar 34. MobilePossibilities 35. Family and Friends Note 36. Tools by Network 37. What would you like to add to your TOOLBOX ? 38. Remember, it is all about LEARNING 39. Digital Tools to Engage Learners as Creators of Language </p>


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