Workshop "Mind the App". Simple internet tools to engage EFL learners

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Text of Workshop "Mind the App". Simple internet tools to engage EFL learners

1. Embedded PowerPoint Video By 2. Thomas Strasser Vienna University College of Teacher Education | @thomas_strasser 25.06.2015 @Tagung der AusbildnerInnen Englisch (Nrtingen) Simple but effective internet tools in the foreign language classroom. 3. 4. Credits: Steve Wheeler 5. WTF!? Grandfathers got a Facebook account? 6. *Image by 35066966@N07 via Flickr 7. Its not about [] pedaling the latest digital snake oil. 8. 9. *Image by 49462908@N00 via Flickr 10. Change of paradigm!? 3-clicks-Edu-Apps Didactics in, technology out. Heckmann, V. & Strasser, T. (2012) 11. *Image by 56866600@N00 via Flickr 12. *Image by 39966480@N00 via Flickr 13. Text interpretation Song analysis biographies Mind mapping 14. *Image by 34936309@N00 via Flickr 15. News reporter Presidential speech castings reading Spot the mistake 16. *Image by 57634636@N00 via Flickr 17. Brainstorming Mind mapping Feedback Word of the Day Who am I? 18. 19. *Image by 40659633@N02 via Flickr 20. *Image by 58693053@N00 via Flickr Professional podcasting (quick dirty) Radio shows Audio learning diary Audio book report Etc. 21. *Image by 75098596@N00 via Flickr & 22. Potential This is me Productive skills Controversial discourse Chain story Radio show 23. *Image by 31096745@N08 via Flickr 24. This is me Talk about various topics Reading (newspaper article) summaries Reviews celebrities 25. 26. Quizzes Surveys Discussions 27. *Image by 10557450@N04 via Flickr 28. Create various quiz types 29. *Image by 13370398@N08 via Flickr 30. Text production within a creative context Text production with visual inputs 31. *Image by 57793440@N00 via Flickr 32. Cartoons 33. *Image by 53819037@N00 via Flickr 34. No distractors 35. *Image by 82851865@N00 via Flickr 36. Create various quiz types Fakebook Fake SMS 37. *Image by 36444962@N06 via Flickr 38. *Image by 58693053@N00 via Flickr Receptive skills Video quiz Summaries, reviews, etc. Students produce videos Feedback assignments 39. *Image by 86672083@N00 via Flickr 40. Pimp handouts Tourist brochure portfolio Create newspaper 41. 42. *Image by 25309380@N04 via Flickr 43. portfolio Share material Learing diary 44. 45. Expressing your point of view Controversial discourse 46. 47. Collaborative text production Netiquette Brainstorming Backchannelling Feedback 48. *Image by 57634636@N00 via Flickr 49. Various text types (audio, written) 50. *Image by 70899394@N08 via Flickr 51. Website analysis Reviewing sources Language detective Web quest Dynamic discourse 52. *Image by 27703797@N06 via Flickr 53. Text analysis (register, metaphors, etc.) Working with citations Sayings, idioms, etc. Picture dictionary 54. *Image by 76035894@N04 via Flickr 55. Backchannelling Feedback Quizzes FAQs Link provider 56. 57. pimp handouts 58. *Image by 76016871@N00 via Flickr 59. Present field trips visually Sight seeing Present your own country 60. *Image by 29701778@N05 via Flickr*Image by 40603140@N07 via Flickr*Image by 40603140@N07 via Flickr 61. *Image by 41664681@N00 via Flickr 62. Dr. Thomas Strasser Vienna University College of Teacher Education @thomas_strasser