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Unit2 project

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Nutrition 120 online Unit 2 Project

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  • 1. Do Your Food Choices Adequately Nourish Your Body?

2. Throughout Unit 2 You will determine how well the food thatyou ingest nourishes your body You will determine how you can improveyour personal eating habits to makeyour food choices even more beneficial 3. The ProjectIn addition to the other assignments in Uni2, you have a major project, the Unit 2 Project , worth 25% of your final markRest of courseProject 4. Parts of the ProjectThe project consists of 5 parts:1. 3-Day Food Recall (5% of the project)2. Nutrient Analysis (20% of the project)3. Diet Analysis (20% of the project) You do these three parts within Unit 2 instructionsare there, just like for other assignments4. Reflective Journal (15% of the project)5. Educational Presentation (40% of the project) 5. Reflective Journal You begin writing this at the end of the firstweek of Unit 2 (approximately week 4 of the course) Continue to add dated entries each weekuntil the end of the unit (approximately week 12 of thecourse) 6. Reflective Journal InstructionsWhen describing what you are learning: Relate how it builds a better understanding of yournutritional requirements and how it has helped youto improve your eating habits. Be specific about what you are learning; dont justlist the topics you covered. The content notes oncarbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins andminerals and water will help you. 7. Reflective Journal InstructionsContdWhen describing what you are learning: Comment on the food recall activity, the nutrientanalysis as well as the various assignment workand overall diet analysis. Outline any challenges you faced along the wayand how you overcame them. Discuss your use of time and how well you areable to keep up with your course work. 8. Reflective Journal sampleentry Your entries are about you and what you learned in the unit. Your opinions are also important. Its a REFLECTION so reflect on what you learned, what surprised you, how it relates to you. 9. Example ReflectiveJournalThis is not for reading, but forgiving you an idea of theformat Page 1 10. Example ReflectiveJournal Page 2 11. Example ReflectiveJournal Page 3 12. Example ReflectiveJournal Page 4 13. Example ReflectiveJournal Page 5 14. Example ReflectiveJournal Page 6 15. Educational Presentation This part is worth 40% of the project You can do it with: An Essay A PowerPoint presentation A Prezi presentation A Photostory A movie Contact me if you have other ideas 16. The Presentation The question to answer is: Do your food choices adequately nourish your body?As per the project instructionsHow to cite sources 17. Two examples ofPowerPoint Presentations Of course, I cannot show you the presentations 18. An example of a Prezi Here is an example of a Prezi that oneof the DFs created for another subject(click on image) 19. Final Thoughts This project is important! You cannot get this done in a few days or aweek So, try to manage your time well Take this seriously you can do it. Focus on your own data and nutrientrequirements this is about YOU Show (with charts/graphs) exactly whichnutrients you are getting enough of, and notenough of. To do this, you will need to showthe amounts you should be getting. 20. Presentation Rubric