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TRAINME SOFTTECH Kranthi Rayanni (Sr. Software Test Trainer)

Manual Application TestingSoftware Testing Concepts SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) Software Development Products Software Development Models Water fall model Spiral model Agile model Prototype model RAD model V-model Scrum model Difference b/w Project & Product in SDLC

Software Development Life Cycle Configuration Management Risk Management Project Management Product Management Requirement Management Change Management

Testing Fundamentals Software Testing Introduction Importance Seven Fundamental Principles of Testing SDLC Vs STLC Software Testing Life Cycle STLC explained

Defects What is Defects/Bugs? Defect Life Cycle Bug Tracking Tools What is Bug Report? Classifications of bugs Difference b/w Defect, Bug and Error Severity & Priority

Test-Case Development First step test case development Test Plan & Development Test Script Test Scenario Traceability Matrix Test Matrix Test Documentation Test Log Defect Log

Several Types of Testing Manual Testing Functional testing Non Functional testing Static testing Dynamic testing Compatibility testing Unit testing Integration testing Big-Bang Top-Down Bottom-up System testing Acceptance testing User acceptance testing Smoke testing Sanity testing Regression Testing Retest testing Installation testing Recovery testing Localization testing Globalization testing Installation testing Recovery testing Security testing End-to-End testing Soak testing Positive testing Negative testing Conversion testing Conformance testing Monkey testing Gorilla testing Adhoc testing Alpha testing Beta testing Web Testing Interface testing UI testing GUI testing API testing Model based testing Automation Testing Data-Driven testing Stress testing Load testing(Performance test)

Test Levels Unit testing Integration testing System testing User acceptance testing

Test Stages Pre Alpha Alpha Pre Beta Beta

Testing Techniques White box testing Black box testing Gray box testing Thread testing Incremental testing Boundary value analysis & Equivalence class partitioning Decision table testing State transition diagram Use-case testing Testing Review

Testing Vs Quality What is Testing What is Quality What is QA What is QC QA Vs QC

Testers Work Bench Test Deliverables Entry criteria and Exit criteria Standards

Advanced Stuff Practical Tips and Tricks to Create Test case Tips on Interview Pattern Additional Knowledge on Automation tools


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