Course placement & placement testing

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  • 1. Course Placement &Placement Testing
  • 2. Knowing which courses to take each semester is animportant part of being a college student. Youll learn moreabout how to do this in future modules on curriculum,advising, and registration.But for now, you need to know whether you need to takeplacement tests, and if so, which ones, and when.
  • 3. Oxford students have many choices when selecting courses each semester.However, for some courses, it is necessary to ensure that you have the appropriate knowledge or skill level before enrolling in the course you want to take.
  • 4. Oxford accomplishes this in several different ways that vary by academic discipline.
  • 5. Where possible, we use your high school transcriptand standardized test scores to determine yourappropriate level in a discipline.This is the case in: - French, Spanish, Latin, Arabic, Biology; - English for native speakers with SAT verbal scores at or above 550, or ACT scores at or above 23.You and your advisor will be informed at orientationof the level of course you are eligible to take.
  • 6. In other cases, students must take actual placementtests, administered on-campus during orientation.This is the case for: English courses for non-native English speakers; Students w/lower than 550 verbal SAT; Students w/below 23 on the ACT).You and your advisor will both be notified of yourplacement before you register during orientation.
  • 7. Math placement is accomplished through a combination of: - self-placement based on previous coursework taken - on-line self-placement tests taken over the summer - a placement exam taken on-campus at orientation
  • 8. Students wishing to take Chemistry must complete an on-line placement test by August 1 to determine correctplacement.The links on the following slides will take you to the Chemistry test and therequired mathematics self-placement tests, as well as to more thoroughexplanations of how placement is determined in each curricular area.
  • 9. These links will take you to explanations of theplacement requirements for courses you wish to takein English, Foreign Language, Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics.Follow the links to the Chemistry exam and math self- placement tests as needed.
  • 10. Placement Links Language Courses Mathematics Courses Science Courses Swim Courses
  • 11. Course Placement &Placement Testing Good Luck!