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<ul><li> 1. SoftwareTestingEssentialsNew competency basedSoftware Testing trainingwww.softed.comWhat's in it for you? A competency driven course with richcontent and hands-on lab based activitiesto provide you with the confidence toapproach any testing environment. Material covering the ISTQB Syllabus +Exploratory and Context Driven testing.A competency driven, practical and hands-onfundamental Software Testing course.</li></ul> <p> 2. Course SnapshotThinking Like a Tester What is Testing? What processes go into testing What are the testing types (functional and non-functional,ISO9126 plus other definitions*) Why do we test for them?* Critical analysis of a system for key test areas* Risk analysis of a system for test areas Effective and efficient test planning* What not to test (and why)* Setting your testing up for ongoing success*Applying Testing to Your Solutions Understanding test levels Understanding Software Development Lifecycles (Waterfall,V Model, Agile*, Spiral) Understanding Software Maintenance Lifecycles (regularreleases, emergency releases, production support)* Understanding your application type (Web, Mobile, Desktop)* Applying the testing of your application to the lifecycle* Information to gather and reportUnderstanding Test Tools Classification of Tool Types Understanding which tools are needed and why Selecting a Tool Implementing a Tool Setting up for AutomationPreparing the Testing Static and Dynamic Testing Methods and techniques for writing test cases* Methods and techniques for recording test results Common test metrics and how to gather themStatic Testing Effective reviews (including developing your own checklists) Static Analysis (what to do and when)Dynamic Testing Setting up the prepared testing based on documentation(Specification Based) Understanding the test design techniques (EquivalencePartitioning, Boundary Value Analysis, Decision Tables, StateBased, Use Cases) Understanding when and how to use; EquivalencePartitioning, Boundary Value Analysis, Decision Tables, Statebased and Use Cases Hands-on exercises applying the techniques to an application* Setting up the prepared testing based on review of thesystem (Structural Based) Understanding the test design techniques (StatementCoverage, Decision Coverage) Understanding how and when to use; Statement Coverageand Decision Coverage. Hands-on exercises applying the techniques to an application* Setting up the prepared testing based on experience(Experience Based) Understanding the test design techniques (Checklists,Attacks, Exploratory Testing) Understanding how and when to use; Checklists, Attacks andExploratory Testing Understanding how to set up and run an effectiveexploratory testing session* Understanding how to develop and apply Heuristics* Hands-on exercises applying the techniques to an application* How to apply the technique to; Functional Testing*,Performance Testing*, Security Testing*, Usability Testing*,Regression Testing*Executing the Testing Running the tests in different environments (Web, Mobile,Desktop)* Automation of testing at Unit, Integration, System andAcceptance levels* Recording of test results* Raising effective defects*Reporting the results of the testing Analysis of test results Key information to pass onto the team Methods for communicationSoftware5 DAYSTestingEssentialsCompetency based Foundation SoftwareTesting training that will provide you with thecourage to approach each test scenario withconfidence, while teaching you to think outsidethe constraints of a prescribed set of rules.Are you... New to a Software Testing role or have never had formalisedtraining? Worried you are not testing enough? Looking for structure around your static and dynamic testing? Trying to build your confidence and be assured that you haveexecuted and reported on your tests effectively? A certified tester but still not confident in your software testingability?If 'YES' is the answer to any of these questions, then SoftwareTesting Essentials is the right course for you.Public courses are running in;Good Software Testing will; Help improve quality in the developed software Reduce costs by eliminating defects that could be costlyto fix later Reduce risks associated with the failure of the system Enable confidence in the implementation of the business vision.Core Pathway for Software TestersSoftware Education offer a complete Software Testing curriculum.Please contact us to discuss your pathway.Please call us to connect with one of our friendly AccountManagement team who are happy to assist with any ofyour enquiries. SKILLS &amp;TECHNIQUESTECHNICALSKILLSCOMMUNICATION&amp; LEADERSHIPAGILEWe can also run Software TestingEssentials as an in-house tailoredoption anywhere in the world.Ask us Today!Mostcapitalcities*Content in addition to the ISTQB SyllabusHave you downloaded a QR Reader on yourmobile? If so, scan this code to be directedto the course overview.www.softed.comBook NowGo to* Every 5th person attending the same course (date andlocation) from the same organisation attends for free.For terms and conditions visit Copyright 2014 Software Education Holdings Ltd. Correct as at September 2014. </p>