Things you don't know about diamonds

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Diamond is the symbol of love, purity, commitment and beauty. With this presentation AG and Sons Ltd. is sharing the things which are less known. Know these things better and purchase your diamond with ease.


  • 1. Things You Dont Know about the Four Cs of a Diamond

2. Whenever we talk about diamonds, a lot of things come in our minds instantly like: purity, strength and commitment. Diamond is more than a gemstone; for a lover it is a way to express his unconditional love, for a woman it is a symbol of pure and crystal clear beauty. Diamond jewellery comes in variety of patterns and designs, among them diamond rings are most favored. Nowadays, diamond rings are available in various shapes and sizes. 3. Diamond Color The color of the diamond is a parameter which totally affects the price of the diamond. Gemological institute of America (GIA) have suggested the guideline to scale the diamond color. The range of guideline is from D to Z. D is the notation of colorless diamond whereas a yellow tint is denoted by Z. D-E-F Colorless G-H-I-J Near Colorless K-L-M Faintly tint N-O-P-Q-R Lightly tint S-T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z Yellow effect visible to naked eye 4. Diamond Cut Diamond cut increases the beauty of a diamond. A sharp cut diamond looks more attractive and flattering because light strikes on each face of the diamond and produces sparkling reflection that increases the vividness of diamond. Width and depth both matters a lot while measuring the diamond cut. According to GIA guidelines, diamond cut is basically scaled in four categories excellent, very good, good, fair and poor. 5. Diamond Clarity Diamond Clarity scales the clarity of a diamond. It determines the size, nature, color and outer surface feature of the diamond. You cant see these characteristics with naked eyes. Experts scale the clarity of the diamond and according to that the price of the diamond is suggested. 6. Diamond Carat Diamond Carat is used to measure the weight of a diamond. This basic information is used to define the weight of the diamond to client. Diamond carat is the most familiar term of four Cs. 7. Explore the beautiful collection of diamond rings here: AG & Sons Pentax House South Harrow HA2 0DU Website -