The tech commandments

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The tech commandments


<ul><li> The Tech Commandments </li> <li> Hands up if you are a fan of Friends Hands up if you are a fan of Doctor Who </li> <li> SlideshareScribd Prezi Jorum NLN </li> <li> 5. Take baby steps to start withand when you feel ready, BE BRAVE!2. Keep It Simple Stupid! 3. Technology is like a box of chocolates you only need to eat the ones you like 4. PowerPoint is NOT evil! 1. Go to where students are and dont expect them to come to you 6. Use what is already theredont reinvent the wheel! 7. Have a Plan B. </li> <li> Thank you! Bex Ferriday Learning Technology Manager School of Healthcare Sciences Cardiff University </li> </ul>