The Kullu Project

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Kullu Project Slide Show - A Free Volunteer Project in the Indian Himalayas . Contact for more details


The Kullu Project

The Kullu Project An overview

The Kullu project

The Kullu Project is looking for enthusiastic volunteers to take part in the project. Volunteers will work with orphans and poor children from India, Tibet and Nepal. The Kullu Project is different from Gap year agencies as there are no administrative costs. Because the project has a team living and working in the Kullu Valley, volunteers are able to work in the poorer schools that big companies overlook.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to work and exchange experience with other (local and foreign) volunteers and the chance to help children in creative and productive environments. They will be free to use individual expertise to create interesting and varied workshops within the Kullu Projects flexible framework.

AchievementsFull Sponsorship of Rs 1.8 lacs to 12 orphans in Sudersahans orphanage for getting school education , food and clothing since 2007 Sponsored , Raku ,a bright student from the Jibhi Govt. Orphanage to study in Atlantic College Wales raising over 8 lacs for the projectGiven over 2 lacs to construction of Kailash Bodhi School Given Material in warm clothing, television, a hot geyser system, cricket and other game kits to Kalyeli KidsTraining 10 kids in vocational work ( especially mountaineering) in Manali Done various activities including nature camps, dramas , street theater , EXCITE INDIA PROJECT : A subsidiary of the Kullu project set up an organic farm, helped conduct an assessment of SAHARA , researching villages in the ecozone and collected data for the Heath mela.

Initiatives in KulluBLIND SCHOOL



JIBHI ORPHANAGE now at Kalyeli


Sarswati Bal Balika Purnavs Trust (SBBP), Kullu

This relatively new orphanage houses sixteen children aged four to fourteen. They live in two rooms with one toilet/bathroom. The orphanage is funded through pledges from the local shop owners in Akhara Bazar Kullu of 50 or 100 rupees a month but they still have very limited facilities. They all attend local government school in Kullu. Ankit is trying to set up a proper board of trustees on the lines of Vashist Orphanage for its proper management.

Kullu Project is holding workshops with these children and help get them extra facilities for arts, creative and sports activities. This orphanage would certainly benefit from long-term funding to provide facilities and long-term volunteers to help the children develop necessary life skills.

Naya Sawera, Drug and Alcohol Addiction Re-Habilitation Centre, Kullu

This centre is currently working with 38 addicts aged between ten and sixty-five years old. Most patients stay for six to seven months but some inevitably return when they have relapses. Around 90% are non- consenting admissions and are brought by family members. The centre is managed by a very dedicated team who work very hard to help straighten out the addicts under their care. Several are themselves ex-addicts and are very committed to putting the international Narcotics Anonymous re-habilitation program into action. We hope that we will be able to help this centre either through funding or running team and confidence building activities with the patients.

Bal Ashram, Kalehli, Kullu This orphanage houses thirty-two children aged six to eighteen. The children all attend the local government school. The Kullu project previously worked with this orphanage when it was based in the town of Jibhi, but has now moved back to Kullu. Situated right on the side of a busy main road the children have little access to outdoor play areas although they have a limited supply of indoor games and a television. The orphanage is funded by local child welfare societies and receives a small amount of funding from local businesses. Again we are hoping to run weekly activity sessions with this orphanage when we visit Kullu to help these children gain access to outdoor play and creative activities.

Workshop programme- 2008- Develop a more structured and solid programme of workshops/ sessions.- Develop a safety awareness structure for workshops/ sessions.- Work with schools and orphanages to design programs and schedules.- Develop inter-school contacts and programs. - Develop a session and workshop pack for future use. - Develop a program development model.- Create a Blog written by the children to go on the website.- Include fun days as part of the project.

Structural improvements-2008

- Revise safety conduct and disclaimer for volunteers.- Incorporate a long-term local Co-coordinator.- Develop methods of volunteer monitoring/appraisal. - Measure programme outcomes.- Maintain the Kullu project 2008 blog.- Create a framework for reports for future volunteers.

Outreach and communications- 2008

-Establish the position of the Kullu Project locally through local promotion and networking.-Research local fundraising and local sponsorship.-Correspond with NGOs on a local and national level.-Research merchandising options. -Write reports for Kullu project team on a regular basis.-Create a local volunteer database

Volunteers interacting with Drug Addicts Picnic Organized for the Blind School Kids Outdoor Overnight Picnic for Orphanage Kids