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  • 7/27/2019 Kullu Dussehra



    Kullu Dussehra

    Kullu Dussehra is theDussehrafestival observed in the month of October

    inHimachal Pradeshstate innorthern India. It is celebrated in the Dhalpur maidan in

    theKulluvalley. Dussehra at Kullu commences on the tenth day of the rising moon, i.e

    on 'Vijay Dashmi' day itself and continues for seven days. Its history dates back to the

    17th century when local KingJagat Singhinstalled an idol ofRaghunathon his throne

    as a mark of penance. After this, god Raghunath was declared as the ruling deity of

    the Valley. The State government has accorded the status of International festival to

    the Kullu Dussehra, which attracts tourists in large numbers.

    Legendary history

    According to legend, after his return from a pilgrimage toKailash

    MaharishiJamdagniwent to his hermitage atMalana. On his head he carried a basket

    filled with eighteen images of different gods. Crossing through Chanderkhani pass, he

    came upon a fierce storm. Struggling to stay on his feet, Maharishi Jamdagni's basket

    was thrown from his head, scattering the images to many distant places. Hill people,

    finding these images saw them take shape or form as Gods, and began to worship

    them. Legend has it that idol worship began in the Kullu Valley.

    In the 16th Century, Raja Jagat Singh ruled over the prosperous and beautiful kingdom

    of Kullu. As the ruler, the Raja came to know of a peasant by the name of Durgadatta

    who apparently possessed many beautiful pearls. The Raja thought he should have

    these treasured pearls, even though the only pearls Durgadatta had were pearls of

    Knowledge. But the Raja in his greed ordered Durgadatta to hand over his pearls or be

    hanged. Knowing of his inevitable fate at the hands of the king, Durgadatta threw

    himself on the fire and cursed the king, "Whenever you eat, your rice will appear as

    worms, and water will appear as blood". Doomed by his fate, the Raja sought solace

    and searched out advice from aBrahmin. The Holy man told him that in order to

    eradicate the curse, he must retrieve the idol of Ragunath fromRaam'skingdom

  • 7/27/2019 Kullu Dussehra



    Desperate, the king sent a Brahmin toAyodya. One fine day the Brahmin stole the ido

    and set out on his journey back to Kullu. The people of Ayodya, finding their beloved

    Ragunath missing, set out in search of the Kullu Brahmin. On the banks of the Saryu

    river, they approached the Brahmin and asked him why he had taken Ragunath ji. The

    Brahmin recounted the story of the Kullu king. The people of Ayodya attempted to lift

    Ragunath, but their idol became incredibly heavy when headed back towards Ayodya

    and became very light when headed to Kullu. On reaching Kullu Ragunath was

    installed as the reigning deity of the Kullu kingdom. After installing the idol of

    Ragunath, Raja Jagat Singh drank the Charan-Amrit of the idol and the curse was

    lifted. Jagat Singh became Lord Ragunath's regent. This legend is connected with the

    Dussehra at Kullu. This idol is taken in aRathato the Dussehra.

    It is a week long international level fair held every year during October. The

    International Kullu Dussehra fair is scheduled to be held from

    13/14 October, 2013 at Kullu. The major attraction of the fair was the

    assembly of hundreds of local deities with the main deity Raghunath ji

    Other activities like cultural programmes, exhibitions were also organized

  • 7/27/2019 Kullu Dussehra



    Desert Festival Jaisalmer

    Location: Sam Sand Dunes 42 K.M. from Jaisalmer

    How to reach: SUV or Camel safari

    Timing: In the month of February

    Attractions: Cultural showcase

    Desert Festival of Jaisalmer is a colorful festival

    held in February every year. You will get to see Cultural events,

    camel races, turban tying competitions etc. Not exciting enough!

    Attend the contests to judge the man with the best moustache.

    Everything is exotic in the Desert festival, amidst the golden sands

    of the Thar Desert. With a final musical performance by folk singers

    under the moonlit sky at the dunes in Sam, just outside Jaisalmer,

    the festival comes to its end. The rich culture of the region is on

    display during this three daylong extravaganza.

    The desert festival in Jaisalmer was started to attract foreign

    tourists, who always wanted to explore as many facets of

    Rajasthan as they could in the possible crunch of time. The three-

    day event stresses more on local elements and heritage. For

    example, this no-nonsense festival will only showcase Rajasthani

    folk songs and dance. These are presented by some of the best

  • 7/27/2019 Kullu Dussehra



    professionals of the art. Similarly, local customs such as Turban

    tying etc have been added to make it more exotic and colorful in its

    outlook. 'The moustache competition' is very popular among

    foreigners. This is simply because of the surprise value attached to

    this event. Foreigners can be seen posing for pictures with the

    winners. This is truly a moment worth preserving.

    You will never forget marvels like the famous Gair and Fire dancers

    that are the major attraction of the desert festival celebrations.

    Interesting contests including a tying competition and a Mr. Desert

    contest further enhance the fun of the occasion. A trip to the Sam

    sand dunes marks the grand finale, where you will enjoy camel

    rides and brilliant performance by the folk artist under the full moon

    against the backdrop of picturesque dunes.

    The Rajasthan tourism organizes the Jaisalmer Desert fair/festival.

    There is tourist help cell to deal specially with the problems faced

    by foreign tourists. The arrangements are monitored by local

    administration and state of the art Medical vans, equipped with the

    best of medical amenities, are kept on alert. If you want to buy gifts

    or souvenirs for your dear ones, this is the place to be. For this

    place not only have items from and around Jaisalmer but of the

    whole Rajasthan. Mobile money exchangers are there in case you

  • 7/27/2019 Kullu Dussehra



    need to exchange currencies. And if you run out of cash, Guess

    what! Nearly all the kiosks have the facility to accept credit card.

    Jaisalmer Desert Festival

    The Desert Festival or the Jaisalmer Desert Festival as it is more

    popularly known, is an annual event organized every year in

    February at the beautiful desert city with the Golden Fortress of

    Jaisalmer - Rajasthan, India. This three day Desert festival and

    cultural extravaganza showcases the rich and colourful heritage of

    Rajasthan and its folk culture. During the Jaisalmer Desert Festival,

    the folk artists from around Rajasthan sing and dance eloquently to

    the triumphs and the tragedies of this land steeped in history, other

    major attractions at the desert festival include the traditional

    acrobatics by Local nomadic performers & gymnasts calledKalabaz or Nats,

    Snake charmers, entertaining puppet shows and captivating folk

    music recitals and Ballads by the Bhopas, Manganiars & Langhas

    under the canopy of the twinkling stars & winter desert sky .

    Other major attractions at the Jaisalmer Desert Festival are the