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  • 1. Lawrence Road Middle SchoolStudent Council Candidates 2012 Voting will be during your SS class on Friday, September 28th.
  • 2. Aniya Brown forStudent Council President I will listen to your ideas and make sure your opinions are noticed.
  • 3. Roger Cruz forStudent Council President I would like to make sure that there is no bullying in our school.
  • 4. Lauryn Jacques for Student Council President Not only am I going to make this a successful year, but one to never forget. Its going to be live!
  • 5. Ariana Pineda forStudent Council President I am running for President. You should vote for me because I will improve the school in what ever way I can.
  • 6. Isaiah Rodriguez forStudent Council President Tired of saggy cold sandwiches? Vote for me. Tired of boring trips? Vote for me. Feel like you have no say at all at what the school does? Just inform me, and Ill take care of the rest. Vote for me
  • 7. Phalan Smith forStudent Council President I would like to help the student body by improving school lunch I want to make Lawrence Road even more fun!! I will help at parent-teacher conferences. I want to fundraise for fun activities such as Crafternoon.
  • 8. Varun Sanichara forStudent Council President I want to improve school trips I would like more fundraisers I would like more activities for Honors Society
  • 9. Skylar Broome forStudent Council Treasurer If I was elected Treasurer I would want to use the money for things that the people want, such as more school trips.
  • 10. Shawn Edouard forStudent Council Treasurer I will not play a sport so I can spend more time as treasurer. I will manage the schools money and spend it wisely.
  • 11. Roberta Geffrard forStudent Council Secretary I want to focus on other things besides for school lunches.
  • 12. Aracelis Genao for Student CouncilBilingual Ambassador I want to have more Latin Music at the dances. I would like the cafeteria to have more Latin foods.
  • 13. Josiah Forbes forStudent Council Vice President I would assist the President and all of the students in every way I can. I will help the school become the best it can be.
  • 14. Crystal Brown forStudent Council Vice President I want to be Vice President because there are kids that dont even know about the suggestion box. I want to hear what they have to say and try to help.
  • 15. Angie Cruz forStudent Council Vice President I would help everyone go on trips. I would take my position seriously. I would not let anyone bully or disrespect you.
  • 16. Keanu Wishropp forStudent Council Vice President I will create more trips and more fun activities.
  • 17. Alexis Saravia for Student CouncilPublicity Coordinator As Publicity Coordinator I would come up with great ideas on how the school could look even more presentable. I would love to help out and be the best I can at my job.
  • 18. Brittney Augustin for Student Council6th Grade Senator I would like to have a fundraiser for kids at St. Judes. I would like to raise funds for a playground. Lets have snack afterschool.
  • 19. Monica Rodriguez for Student Council7th Grade Senator Vote for me and I will help improve our school by doing events such as dances, field trips, crafternoon and teacher appreciation.