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  1. 1. Autoclave Packing and Scheduling By: Andres Collart | | Local Machine APICall +files 1. Get Inputs for week. Encode 2. Start Linux and send problem 3. Solve BPP with Heuristic 4. Create Scheduling MIP problem 5. Start Gurobi + send problem APICall +problem 6. Solve + send back Solution Imdone 7. Download solution, decode, display Solution Gurobi Cloud Server (AWS) Linux Server (AWS) How do you fit parts in the autoclave most efficiently? UNMOLD carbon fiber airplane parts layered parts cured in autoclave (big oven) PROCESS How do you optimize scheduling of cures for the autoclaves? Decreased Peak Power Decreased Power Consumption Increased Schedule Flexibility Decreased Weekend Overtime Long term capacity planning PAINSBIN PACKING PROBLEM RESULTS Efficient Bin Packing Optimized scheduling SOLUTION SCHEDULING PROBLEM Reduce Cost Level out Autoclave Load Objectives: Constraints: Heat Profile (Recipe) Volume + Length Mold (Tool) Other Customer Specific Reduce Cost Objectives: Constraints: Schedule Flexibility Balance Input Process Preferences Part-Autoclave compatibility Mold Recycle Time Scheduled Downtime Resource Capacity (Autoclaves) Other Bin Packing Problem: Modified Hill-Climbing Heuristic Scheduling Problem: Discrete-Time MIP with Rolling Time Horizon = Manually building cure-sets Time consuming Sub-optimal use of autoclaves Manually scheduling cure-sets Time consuming Complex constraints High energy cost