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This is required of me as a student to upload a slide show! We have been studying Integrating Technology into the Classroom.

Text of Student- centered learningslideshow

  • 1. Teacher-Centered LearningversusStudent Centered Learning
    What are the differences?

2. Memorization of
Dates and Names
3. Student-Centered
Formulate problems
Collect info and data
Organize and manipulate data
Formulate an answer
eBook Collection
4. Spit back or Soak in!
Recall is for:
Game Shows
Car/travel pastimes
Family reunions
Crossword puzzles
Authentic learning helps the student to:
State the problem
Consider the options
Research various sources of information
Develop life-life habits of inquisitive research methods
5. Improved Achievement
as a result of innovative teaching strategies!!
6. It should be dawning on you:
Combine use of computer technology with an emphasis on problem solving and reflection.
Leads to
7. Increased student achievement!! Morrison, 2010
8. Teachers Are Facilitators!
With technology, students are exposed to an open-ended learning environment
Students solve the unknown with various approaches:
9. Works cited
Integrating Computer Technology into the Classroom.Skills for the 21st Century, Fourth Edition.Morrison, Gary R., Lowther, Deborah L. 2010.
Photo of dawn in Colorado courtesy of Thomas A. Clark