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SSP Phonics Readers - pdf version - Examples of SSP Green, Purple, Yellow

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Text of SSP Phonics Readers - pdf version - Examples of SSP Green, Purple, Yellow

  • 1. Skills and concepts to reinforce Our spoken words are made up of smaller parts; we call them speech sounds. Our speech sounds can be represented on paper using speech sound pics. (the pictures we take of our speech sounds with our speech sound camera) If we look at a word, in print, we can say the speech sounds that link with the speech sound pics in order from left to right, and blend these speech sounds into a word. (decoding) s a t = sat If we listen carefully to a spoken word and identify the speech sounds, in order, we can make choices on paper, to represent the word in print (encoding) Within SSP children become used to first writing lines, as they say the speech sounds, to reinforce segmenting and blending skills. This is really helpful as the code becomes more complex, and there are numerous speech sound pic choices. ____ _____ _____ _____ 1 2 3 4 t r nay

2. No letter names please, just the speech sounds. When creating resources please use same illustrations to build confidence. 3. Draw a picture of your favourite part of the story. 4. blue level sound pics ar or ow oi air ur car for cow tow soil hair purse If you find any of these sound pics, when you are reading, add in more words ! The word sale is a sound pic sandwich! s a-e l sale 5. Oh my word- have you heard? Miss Emma hurt her nose poor girl Choose a cloud and see if you can create a song, poem, art work or something else to creatively show ALL of the sound pics for that speech sound. 6. Reading with Blue Level Sound Pics er ay oy ou au perfect play toy out group touch August I play with my puppy, he loves it so much Hes wriggly, he licks me, hes silky to touch. Hes perfect when out with just me, or a group He tugs on my toys, and runs round in a loop In November when cold, or August when hot He just wants to play, he just doesnt stop! 7. Reading with Blue Level Sound Pics ir ie ue ea ui ey first chief tie blue beat head suit key they The first time they told me to get the blue tie I thought it was to go round my head, not sure why! The key is to loop it, no easy feat, but finishes the suit look, ready to meet VIP people, perhaps the top chief ! Mum said were not going, WHAT A RELIEF ! 8. Reading with Blue Level Sound Pics aw wh ph ew oe ure are claw whip dolphin few toe pure are dare I love the cute dolphin, who kisses my nose She splashes my fingers, and blows on my toes I ask are you sure? I ask, do you dare? To whip up the water, and make the crab stare! Hell peep out from under the stone, its his door, and wave a few times with his big orange claw ! 9. Can you decode these words? Let children explore the RWI cards all SSP blue level sound pics included Teacher ideas- use the RWI cards for decoding practice, to reinforce the speech sound pic recognition and also blending skills eg for ure Dont have a pack yet? Go to - approx $12 10. Investigating Blue Level sound pic sandwiches a-e e-e i-e cake athlete bike o-e u-e coke flute which of these sound pic sandwiches can you see? Say the word and listen to the last speech sound. The Speech Sound Pic Sandwich Maker jumps the last sound from the end, into the sandwich! 11. Read the words and find the right card huge brute make a cake nice smile phone home 12. /

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