SSP Green Level Phonemic Awareness & Phonics Activity

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  • SSP Green Level Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Activity

    Print off visual prompts for green levels words (words created using s,a,t,p,i,n) - 2 per A4 piece of paper. Print Green Level sound pics, and green level sound pic words. Laminate all of the above, as separate cards. Print the work card, and laminate. Children choose a visual prompt card, and then either find the word, or create the word. Whether they find the word, or build the word, ask them to say the sounds, and then blend to say the word. You might also manipulate ; if they had sat for example then ask what they would change, to change the word to pat etc Children can also start with one word (created using sound pics) and then see how many times they can change one sound pic to make a new word, before they cant go any further. They cant build the same word twice. eg sat - pat - pan tan tin pin pit sit nit = 9 changes!

  • Visual prompts for SSP Green level words