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  • 1.Happy Marketer.more business from your website Social Platforms & Web 2.0 EnvironmentsRachit DayalPrincipal Consultant, Happy Marketer

2. Rachit Dayal Prole Principal Consultant, Happy Marketer Lead Consultant on all Web Projects for Happy Marketer 12+ years of Web experience, SEO Over 50 websites optimized SEM $500,000 spend managed Conversion $5 million of online sales Websites 11+ years of experience Singapores rst Google Certied AdWords Professional (Jan 2006) Analytics Professional (Mar 2009) 3. Rachits Story 4. About Happy Marketer? Social Media Think Tank 2+ years old, headquartered in Singapore Provides Complete Management, StrategicConsulting and Training Services Clients include Starhub, JobStreet, AirAsia, PhillipCapital, Tourism New Zealand Focused on bringing market leading thoughtleadership in Social Media Marketing to APAC Vibrant Training/Consulting arm trained over1500 professionals in less than 2 years Yahoo & Google Certied Partners Dedicated to Transparency of Processes,Progress and Billing with Clients 5. Lets Answer Three Important Questions1. Why are we here today?2. What will we accomplish by the EOD today?3. What will we be doing in todays training? 6. Agenda1. Introduction2. Social Media + Businesses3. Websites That Work Today4. Search Engines & Mobile5. Social Media Landscape6. Hands-on Experience with Social Media7. Case studies in Social & Mobile8. The future of the web 7. Ground Rules Phones Questions Distractions Be Eager Beavers! 8. Happy Marketer.more business from your websiteCommunication& Brainstorming in the Web 2.0 World 9. Quick Game 2 People in a team One facing the screen one facing away from the screen Need paper, pens Bring out your inner directors & artists! 10. Happy Marketer.more business from your websiteHow we use the 11. Q1 - What Do You Use The Web For? Email Search Engines Instant Messaging Portals News Blogging & Microblogging Social Networks Mobile apps & web 12. Uses of the Internet 13. Q2 How do you do product research today? Websites Brochures Events Magazines Television Outdoor Ads Newspapers Radio Direct Mail 14. 15. Q3 - What is your current marketing mix? Distributors & Retailers Billboards Print & Radio Ads Direct Mail Website Search Advertising Email Marketing 16. 1/3rd of All Ad/Marketing Spend to Digital Total: $368 Billion Print: $111.5 Billion TV, Radio, Movies:$84.6B Mobile: $1.1 Billion Digital: $120.2 Billion Websites: $63 B Search Ads: $14.6B Email Mktg: $12.7B 17. The Slow Death of Linear Marketing In the past linear, one-way promotions worked well Because of limited marketing channels, the only thing companiescould focus on was getting more eyeballs 18. Internet Inuences On Multiple 19. Much More Choice for Consumers Now consumers makedecisions based on Finding alternatives through search engines Opinions of their friends from social networking Peer reviews through twitter and other websites User generated content through YouTube and 20. Happy Marketer.more business from your websiteWhy Social Media? 21. Fish where the shes are 22. Disconnect between Advertisers & 23. Brands Ignoring Internet Behavior?1.7% Ad spend online 45% Time online 24. YouTube Kills Search Engines 25. Facebook Leads The Web 26. Bloggers & Tweeters are Close Behind 27. How much do people Social Network?Social Networking Reach and Engagement in Asia Pacic MarketsTotal Internet Audience*, Age 15+ - Home & Work LocaGonsSource: comScore World Metrix Feb 2010 Social Networking% Reach Average Minutes per Average Visits per Visitor VisitorAsia Pacic50.8 148.9 15.1Philippines 90.3 332.2 26.3Australia 89.6 228.0 20.9Indonesia 88.6 324.4 22.6Malaysia84.7 226.0 22.3Singapore 83.7 220.9 22.1New Zealand81.2 217.5 20.3Taiwan75.9 131.3 18.3Hong Kong75.4 223.3 25.4India 68.5 130.1 13.0South Korea63.5 131.4 16.0Vietnam 46.1 49.57.2Japan 42.3 120.5 14.0 28. Whats The Top Social Media Destination?Top Social Network in Individual Asia Pacic Markets by Percent Reach of Web PopulaGonTotal Internet Audience*, Age 15+ - Home & Work LocaGonsSource: comScore World Metrix Feb 2010 Top Social Network in Market % Reach of Web PopulaGonAsia 14.9%Philippines 84.5%Australia 69.4%Indonesia 77.5%Singapore 72.1%New 63.6%TaiwanWretch.cc62.5%Hong 62.6%India Orkut46.8%South KoreaCyWorld54.2%Vietnam 18.4%Japan 29. Happy Marketer.more business from your websiteSocial Media + 30. 31. Facebook Fans Spend More Money 32. Spend Much More! 33. Businesses Agree, Social Media = Opportunity 34. Why Would People Connect With Your Brand? 35. But Staying Up To Date is 36. So Dont Forget Education In Your 37. What Makes Up A Social Media Strategy? 38. Happy Marketer.more business from your website Social Media + Organizations 39. A plan that suits everyones needs 40. Social Media Networking MetricsQuantitative Fans, followers, page views Channel performance Conversions Comments/posts Pages ranking on search engines ROI on Money and Time 41. Social Media Networking MetricsQualitative Inuencer sharing behavior Quality of conversation Enhancement of relationships with key audiences Enhancement of company reputation Identication & value of Inuencers Fan likelihood to promote or ofine event 42. ROI Measurement: Marketing/Sales 43. Customer Support Customer satisfaction Number of initiated support tickets per customer per period Support cost per customer in 44. Product Development Number of new product ideas % of ideas from customers/prospects/community Idea to development initiation cycle time Revenue/Adoption rate of new products from community vs.traditional sources 45. HR Retention/Employee turn over Time to hire Prospect identication cost Prospect to hire conversion rate Hiring cost Training cost Time to acclimation for new 46. Happy Marketer.more business from your websiteSocial Media 47. Advantages Easier to build social communities Faster Crisis Reponse Improved Social Media Performance (Team Effort!) 48. Have you included Social networking sites, blogs, wikis uses? Not to disclose condential or proprietary info? Commenting on aspects of companys business Views expressed are mine alone & do not reect the views of Approval when posting on company accounts? Company request to remove comments or 49. What Other Policies You Should Consider Writing 50. 154 Policy Examples 51. What are we learning today? Social Media + Businesses Social Media + Users Social Media Landscape (David) Social Media Hands-On 52. Happy Marketer.more business from your com 53. (Today) 54. (12 years ago 1998) 55. (Today) 56. (14 years ago 1996) 57. (Today) 58. (14 years ago 1996) 59. (Today) 60. (12 years ago 1998) 61. (Today - 2010) 62. (10 yrs ago - 2000) 63. (Today 2010) 64. (10 years ago 2000) 65. (Today 2010) 66. (10 years ago 2000) 67. Our Expectations From Sites Have Changed Layouts & Navigation Colors & Moods Use of Graphics Fonts & Typography Amount of Content Use of Rich 68. Changed For The Better Layouts Simpler, cleaner layoutsNavigationText-based NavigationLighter colors, GradientsColors & MoodsSubtle/No BackgroundsUse of Graphics Sans-serif, Web-safe fontsFonts & Information-rich sitesTypographyOnly when effectiveAmount of(videos, demos, slideshows)ContentUse of RichMedia 69. Breakout: What Sites Do You Dislike? IRAS MySpace / 70. Breakout: What Sites Do You Admire? Google? Yahoo? MSN? Facebook? News sites? Games? Your favourites? 71. Happy Marketer.more business from your websiteEffective Websites8 Principles of Awesome 72. 1. A Home Page Thats Useful 73. That afrms the brand and site purpose Assu