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  • 1.Social Media Tools and apps in Higher Education: the case of Second Life IT College, Estonia | 06.04.2009Lus Pedro, Carlos Santos, Pedro Almeida Dep. Communication and Art Univ. Aveiro

2. 1 Second Life and Education MUVEs and Second Life brief overview 2 project Univ. of Aveiro SL presence 3 Pedagogical activities 3. MUVEs and Second Life brief overview 4. What is Second Life? [1] Metaverse (Snow crash Neal Stephenson) Social and economic interaction Avatars Technology (evolution integration) 5. What is Second Life? [2]Developments: The Metaverse (MOO) Steve Jackson Games SnowMoo SenseMedia Active Worlds WoW Croquet Project Second Life Kaneva There PS3 Home Emphasis in social networking development, in content creation and in interaction with collective/institutional purposes 6. What is Second Life? [3] Business money and transactions Marketing institutional presence, product launching... Society parties and events Technology Web 3D? Education 7. Pedagogical build-up Flexible environment (time, space and technology) Distance learning Professional training (role-playing and serious games) CSCW Simulation New Media Content (?) 8. Some numbers Numbers:15.000.000 registered users~ 735.000 logged in the last 30 daysUS $1.300.000 worth transactions/day70.000 avatars simultaneously logged-on Europe 54% of users 9. Business [1] 10. Business [2] 11. Business [3] 12. Business [4] 13. Business [5]Marketing Product experiencing usability, tryouts, ... Direct sale Institutional presence Finance ... and media splash 14. Business [6] 15. Para onde vamos? 16. (from left to right) Pedro AlmeidaAntero EunSamuel Almeida Sanko Voom Lus Pedro Zes GarfieldSimo Oliveira Marca Falta Joo DelicadoSupermaxi Paine Pedro CorreiaNeozgul Rossini Carlos SantosCarlosss LukasJoo Vasco Zen Wilder 17. What is it? Conceptualisation, development and exploration of an University presence in SLCurricular research project launched by the social media research team 18. Motivations? Institutional presence in Second LifeMulti-purpose environment for teachers, students, reseachers and staff (communication, etc..)Technology hacking (3D modelling and scripting) 19. How was it born? Informal meeting with students from a Masters course;Experience Results Challenge Project 20. Concept 21. Functional requirements InfoZone meeting point, info pointAularium regular classroomsShowroom exhibitions, scientific disseminationSecond Caff informal meetings and eventsAuditorium shows, lecturesScriptorium private meetingsand... soccer stadium :-) 22. The future? Perpetual beta: LUA, AAUAv, ...New spaces result from new pedagogical approaches (ex: serious games), new needs, new technologies, ...Inter-institutional partnerships 23. Shall we visit? 24. pedagogical activities 25. Which tools?LMS Blogs Wikis Social Bookmarking Aggregation/RSS Second Life 26. SL used in curricular activities?Lots of problems :-( Processing problems Graphic cards Broadband 27. Slow startWeekly informal meetings Debates about non-curricular themes Talks with specialists to enrich discussions Informal learning mechanisms !! 28. The meetingsSeveral themes Several sims External staff to enrich and motivate At night :-) 29. Some themesWeb 2.0 Interaction design SL 3D modelling and scripting Multimedia Communication MsC SL in educational contexts Usability tests Social relationships in SL Cef^SL Workshop cef^sl ... 30. nada vinculativo ... the blog 31. ResultsInformality Participation Dilution of traditional roles and ranks Enthusiasm Less time to sleep... 32. Thank you Lus Pedro | Zes Garfield | | Carlos Santos | Carlosss Lukas || Pedro Almeida | Antero Eun | | Dep. Communication and Art University of Aveiro