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Mobile TechnologyApps and Tools for the Connected ClassroomEduwebinarApril 29thWith Anne MirtschinAbout MeMy familyRedefining learning spacesFavourite student appsFacebookGlobal2 Blogs edublogs campusBlogging while travellingVirtual classrooms can be recorded for World Friends project on World Museum siteSprites for World Friends project on World Museum siteKailynFrom Beatriz (grade 4)Learning about scratch with Lanna was great I reckon it was magical the way she showed us the snow outside it was the first time I ever saw snow. I asked a lot of questions I was very interested in what we were learning for examplehow long have you been using scratch? she had been using it for 3 years which means she has a lot of experience with scratch.You cant ask questions of a textbook!Information about German food day The German food day will be on next Wednesday. There will be three dishes on this day they are; Pork Schnitzel and gravy rolls $4.50German pasta Bake $4.50Beef goulash with spritzla & German noodles $4.50Mardi Gras DayGhangoutBackchannels the scientistsMelbourne Museum/ScienceworksAre whales your favourite? Jemma year (King David School)Did whales once have legs? Emily year 6 (The King David School)wow by jeremy Have you ever scanned and 3D printed a fossil? Blake year 6 (and 3D printing champion)(by The King David School)did you help get that whale back into the water a few weeks ago16 minutes ago by jeremy How do you name the animals or find out the names of the animals if you've never seen the animal or fossil before? Jemma year 6Twitter as a backchannel2014 Election Youth ForumEvery student has a voice Election Youth Forum Q & AStyleGungahlin College, in conjunction withElectroboard(See Share Shape)andCommunity CPS AustraliaTwitterfall - What will you do to help with the costs for rural students of moving away from home to attend higher education in the city.Backchannel - backchannelchatGoogle appsDocumentSheetPresentationFormsInternational Friendship DayGlobal appsEmail credits license)Padlethttps://padlet.com for a video that will provide 10 clues about the country we are from!Our cluesVoicethreadPeace Begins with MeTwitter#tags on twitter great for connecting people with similar interests#edchat#vicpln#globaled#globalclassroom#ozseries#elemchat#innovatehereSee Cyrarymans hashtags for educatorsTwitter chatsCybraryman - of twitter chats Classroom ChatThe archivesConnected Educator Month #ceoz14 the Impossible PossibleStudents from Cheery School in the biggest slum in Kenya connect to the world.eFind Memirtschin@gmail.comhttp://murcha.wordpress.com ID = murchaLearn more from webinarsTech Talk Tuesdays: conference coach