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  1. 1. GAFE: Google Apps for Education & Classroom Integration
  2. 2. Examples of a few of our favorite tricks and tools by: Michelle Mihalik English/French Beth Walton FACS
  3. 3. Organization with Classroom When Google Classroom opened it made the organization and workflow of sending and collecting GAFE so much easier.
  4. 4. Google Classroom Highlights Easily add students to the class with a join code Easily assign a Google Doc, Slide, Sheet. Select make a copy and every student will get their own digital copy of the assignment. Allow everyone to edit the same Doc, Slide, or Sheet. Nice for group work. Easily collect assignments, display assignment information, due dates, and points possible. Easily view who has/has not completed assignments. Students cannot edit the document once they hit turn in. Also submit links, pdfs, and videos. Consistent sign-in across apps!!!!!!!
  5. 5. Google Classroom: Check out the Highlights
  6. 6. Google Classroom: And a Few More! Assign to multiple classes at the same time.
  7. 7. Google Classroom: And a Few More! Easily email all or selected students.
  8. 8. Google Classroom: Class announcements by students and teachers Post for everyone to see.
  9. 9. Organization and Collection with Forms Forms can help quiz, poll, test, survey, and collect information.
  10. 10. Google Forms Highlights Collect class information for groups, preferences, blog links, goals etc. Survey (with or without names) Quiz/Test (with or without names) Results will be submitted to a spreadsheet for easy viewing. Create self-graded tours.
  11. 11. Google Forms: Collecting names and blog links for a class blogroll
  12. 12. Google Forms: Housing and Interiors quiz
  13. 13. Creation with Slideshow Information, creation, collaboration, presentation
  14. 14. Google Slides Highlights Share information in text, pictures, video, audio, links. Various collaboration and editing settings Easily view who participated, when, and what content was added throughout. Students and teachers can create multimedia presentations. Easy peer edits and teacher comments/feedback. Easy duplication of templates. Works in Google Classroom. Works with Doctopus and Goobric Free templates available. Example: Slide Carnival
  15. 15. Google Slides: Class brainstorm example
  16. 16. Google Slides: Revision history and participation
  17. 17. Google Slides: This assignment template was easily copied to each student in Google Classroom
  18. 18. Google Slides: Add comments just like a Google Doc
  19. 19. The sky is the limit with Docs Docs are a go to tool for a wide variety of tasks. Agendas, lesson plans, assignments, collaboration, creativity, multimedia.....
  20. 20. Google Docs Highlights Weekly: Lesson plans are posted on continuing Google Doc each week throughout the year. Problem Solver: Solves the problem of absent students needing information about missed work. Parent information: Agendas are easily shared and emailed to parents, as well as, administrators, department heads, and co-teachers. Students: Use for assignments, word processing, collaboration, multimedia presentations, outlines, group planning etc. Commenting and feedback Works with Google Classroom, Doctopus, Goobric. Current favorite add-ons are Easybib and Thesaurus.
  21. 21. Google Docs: Lesson Plans Click for full lesson example
  22. 22. Google Docs: Rolling student agenda Students, parents, and administrators can easily scroll through the semester and access information and assignment links, dates, toipcs, standards etc.
  23. 23. Google Docs: Add-ons Easy Bib
  24. 24. Google Docs: Add-ons Thesaurus
  25. 25. Google Docs: Add-ons Lucidcharts
  26. 26. Organization Calendar Calendars can help with planning, organization, scheduling, and pushing information.
  27. 27. Google Docs Highlights Multiple calendars can be created within Google Calendars. Each calendar can be customized with a different color. Each calendar can be turned off and on. Each calendar can be shared in various ways. Use with IFTTT to create a recipe that will automatically push calendar information to social media sites. Share calendars with students, parents, teachers etc. and share within other web pages with Calendars export options.
  28. 28. Google Calendar: View settings Various Views Turn calendars off and on.
  29. 29. Google Calendar: Settings Other options
  30. 30. Google Calendar: Notifications Notification Settings
  31. 31. Google Calendar: Share settings Share options
  32. 32. Google Calendar: Embed options Embed options
  33. 33. Google Calendar: IFTTT + Calendar = nice marriage of easy updates Watch This
  34. 34. Organization Google Classroom + Rubrics Provide effective and less cumbersome feedback.
  35. 35. Google Classroom + Rubrics Highlights Add a Goobric to almost any opened assignment in Google Classroom. Provide quick, clear, and informative feedback to students. Rubrics will display within students assignments. All scores will be sent to a spreadsheet for easy viewing by the educator. (See video on next slide)
  36. 36. Goobrics + Google Classroom
  37. 37. Google Classroom and Rubrics Teacher View
  38. 38. Google Classroom and Rubrics Easy to make rubric in sheets
  39. 39. Google Classroom and Rubrics Easy to view results for teachers and students
  40. 40. Social learning Blogger Creativity, publishing, authentic, creative, collaboration.
  41. 41. Google Blogger Share projects, writing, thoughts in an authentic and published environment. Same login! Add media and app smash! Personalize blog Interact and respond to others. Learn from others.
  42. 42. Google Blogger: Class blogroll Class blogroll. Provides access to everyone in the class.
  43. 43. Google Blogger: Professional development and PLN (Personal Learning Network) Share information publicly with other teachers. Click image to access full blog.
  44. 44. Google Blogger: HTML Embedding! Click image to access ful post. Video created in EDPuzzle then embedded in blog post.
  45. 45. Questions? Email Us Michelle Mihalik Beth Walton Thank You We hope this was helpful to you.