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s c Get your devices ready!. Techy Tools and Apps. Website: Scan Me. Sherrina Clark Why are these tools helpful?. What to Use. Why to Use it…. Communication tools Graphing tools - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Techy Tools and Apps

Techy Tools and AppsSherrina Clark


Scan your devices ready!

+1Why are these tools helpful?Communication tools

Graphing tools

Note taking tools

Checking progress tools

Games/Brain toolsKeep students informed, and talking about math concepts, homework help, quiz retakesEnhance the mathematics with visuals, tables, etc

Replace paper and pencil with documents that can be saved and synced across devices

Giving students instant feedback, less grading for you

Strengthens focus, memory and other aspects of the brain.What to UseWhy to Use it+Choose the tools/apps you likeTry them out EXTENSIVELY.OR until you feel comfortable.+

Students love this!

Free and syncs across all devices

Flash cardsCreate your own, or searchFree app and syncs across devicesOnline note takingCreate multiple notebooks, limited data online, syncs across all devices

+Class Cards: Rick Morris$4.99

Worth every penny!Tracks students participationNever leaves a student uncalledAbility to show and record their status!

Also available on Google play+QuizletLearn, play games, test yourself.

Free and available on all devices

You and your students can post comments facebook style about Math!

A world of classroom ideas for K-8. Some will work for 9-12 also. - .99FREE!

Student accountability outside of class+Graphing AppsTI-Nspire available on iTunes$29.99All the same features as the TI Nspire in the palm of your hand (iPad only)Saves and send files

Free GraCalc available on iTunesFreeGraphs functions, generates tables

Desmos available on iTunes Free (iPad only)Graphs multiple functions, generates tables, find intersections, and more

gCalc lite available on Google PlayFreeGraphs functions in polar coordinates, finds intersections, and much more

+Geometry Fans?There are so many apps with Geometry information, measurements, conversions, formulas, and more!Check them out!

Geometry Pad: FreeSketchpad Explorer: FreeGeometry Stash: FreePocket Rulers: FreeSmart Protractor: Free

App Box Pro30 apps in 1!CurrencyLevelLoanBalance ScaleRandom dice rollerRulerSale PriceTip Calc Unit ConversionsAnd more!+Live recordingsRecord, save, upload and share what you do straight from your device.

Manage and Monitor

Music CuesBest timerLanSchool+What about websites?Luminosity.comBrain training for memorization, focus and attentionWolframalpha.comOnline computer algebra system that graphs, shows tables, intersections, solutions, and everything you need to know about a concept.Superteachertools.comSeating chart, random quiz maker, games, QR codes!Sheppardsoftware.comMath, math and more math! Hundreds of games and skills to explore for K-12!

+What to expectTake the time to develop how you want the app to be used.

Use it yourself to convince students it is worth their time.

Find a comparable app for other devices (iOS vs Android).Be prepared to learn the app/website beforehand.+

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