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<p> 1. Shooting Location{Bradley Barnes 2. Potential location ideas 3. Alleyway Dark OfficeLocations we are going touse in our opening: 4. In our group we have decided to use an alleywaylocation because our opening begins with thehitman smoking a cigarette and dropping it in thealleyway. This then leads to our main title of thefilm, when we pan up to see the smoke in which thehitman has exhaled. Once this is shown onscreen the hitman will enterthe dark office where he will meet with the femaleboss. We have decided to use an alleyway as it representsmystery as well only see the main characters eyes inthe alleyway until he gets in the office.1 Alleyway 5. In our group we have also decided to use an officelocation to be in our opening. We will see this locationwhen the hitman enters the office and the female boss(the dispatcher) will send him on his way. In this location we will also see more titles appear onthe blueprints and papers being put out by the femaleboss which has what the hitman needs to do. This location is key as it sets the scene for themysterious thriller in which we are going for. By therebeing a lamp on the light will be directed just on theblueprints and the actors face, not the background.Therefore, keeping the audience focusing in on themost important aspects of the scene, which representour thriller genre better.2 Dark Office </p>