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Creating thousands of course sites each semester can be a daunting task. Add in the fact that individuals and departments have their own unique conventions and requirements. The workload can really pile up at the beginning of the semester.This presentation will overview course site and roster creation and how UF has automated most of this process. This includes the ability to dynamically create course sites from pre-configured template sites. The advantages and disadvantages of different course creation strategies will be highlighted. A technical overview will be given, including specific Java Web Services used to achieve automation. This session will benefit universities who are developing a strategy for creating course sites or are interested in improving their current course creation process. The University of Florida is currently using Sakai CLE 2.8.

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  • 1. Proposal #160:Sakai Course Site Creation and AutomationDate:June 13, 2012Time:3:45 4:45PMLocation:Tower 1402Presenter: Carl Perry

2. PreviewBrief Introduction Carl Perry & Sakai @ UFCourse Creation & Strategies Benefits and DisadvantagesAutomation Verification Java Web Services *Developer contributions from: Mike Stoufer Saee Bhavani Subramanian 3. Carl PerryUniversity of Florida Learning Support Services ( ) Two years B.S. Comp Sci @ UF *M.S. Info Sys @ UFDuties Sakai Administrator (Support) High level testing on Sakai Web development and programming Not a Sakai developer & not associated with the Registrar in any way 4. Sakai @ UFBranded as e-LearningAdoptionSpring 2010: Config and testing (v2.6)Summer 2010: Pilot & Blackboard migrationUpgradesSpring 2012Fall 11 v2.7Sum 12v2.8 Sections: 4,487v2.9 / OAE ?Courses: 1,869Students: 40,371 5. Course Creation in the Beginning1. User submits course request form1. Minimal validation2. Generates a ticket3. We verify the user is an instructor4. We verify the course is valid, and the section matches1. We mark the roster as verified to be created in Sakai5. In Sakai, duplicate a course shell, copy and paste the title from the ticket6. We search for the newly created site in Worksite Setup7. We insert the instructor into the course site ( add roster )8. We close the ticket and send the user an email from the ticketing system 2 & 8. Ticketing System4.1 Roster App 3. Instructor App5. Sakai (duplicate) 4. Registrar App 6. Sakai (search) 6. Creation Strategies1. On request Triggered by users2. Create allTriggered by adminRegistrar Database 7. Create AllStartQuery Registrar Create Wait forcoursenext shells terms Insertdata Instructor Or Roster Instructorsteach course 8. Create AllPros ConsMinimize workload* Unused shellsNo need for verification Statistics Uniform creation dateLimited time for course setup - Same site template -Re-importPush departments to update Multiple Sections the RegistrarPush instructors to use Sakai Instructor Changes more* 9. On Request Creation StepsVerifyUser RequestVerify User SectionCopy CourseShell InsertInstructorSend Email (Site Title) 10. On Request Roster & Shell 11. On Request Roster & Shell 12. On Request Shell Only 13. On Request ProsConsCustomizationWorkload Multi-section Form Validation Combined Courses Verify User Requesting User Verify Course/Section Early course site requestsStatistics Managing formsInform students if their section Managing middlewareis being taught in Sakai databaseInteract more with Faculty Maintain admin applicationOffload work from developers 14. Middleware Roster InterfaceExtJS Grids- Javascript Framework ( Tables- Jquery Plugin ( 15. On Request: CustomizationWhy customization is necessary at UF?User Customization Forensics & Business College Facilitator requests all courses and adds rosters Nursing, Engineering EDGE, & Pharmacy Multiple Facilitators, Designers, Observers TAs that are the true Sakai instructors Secretaries & Instructional DesignersCourse site customization 1 to 20+ sections in a single course shell Graduate/Undergraduate combined course shells Requests far in advance Create course shell immediately Hold roster and verify when available 16. Automation: VerificationUser RequestVerifyVerifyInstructor Section1. JQuery Validation1. Regex Form Elements2. Shibboleth Authentication & LDAP1. Verify users affiliation3. Middleware DB1. Section already requested4. Read access to the Registrar DB1. Verify Section Rosters2. Verify Instructor 17. Automation: Sakai Web ServicesCopy CourseShell Insert (Site Title)Instructor1. Sakai Web Services 1. Allow services to be written that expose anypart of the Sakai API. 2. Script with Java, Perl, PHP, Python, etc How to use Sakai Web Services? +the+Sakai+Web+Services 18. Automation: Sakai Web ServicesAdvantages Customizable Site ID f4c1699d-1119-4eef-b5db-c0b1ff1a02ef UFL-ABC1234-4143-12012 (unique) Duplicate the tool list from a specifiedcourse site Define fields such as site title, descriptionand short description, published Add participants to the course Define their role Best of all: No more manual creation Automatically runs 19. Automation: Sakai Web ServicesSAKAI_SRC/webservices/axis/src/webapp/*.jwsAuthenticating: SakaiLogin.jws Login as Administrator login(String id,String pw) Logout logout(String id) 20. Automation: Sakai Web ServicesCourse Creation: SakaiScript.jwsMake a copy of a sitecopySite( .., String siteidtocopy, String newsiteid, String title, String description, String shortdesc, String iconurl, String infourl, boolean joinable, String joinerrole, boolean published, boolean publicview, String skin, String type)Add Instructor to SiteaddMemberToSiteWithRole(, String siteid, String eid, String roleid) eid: UsernameRemove Administrator From SiteremoveMemberFromSite(, String siteid, String eid) 21. Additional Automation Departmental Template Sites copySite( String siteidtocopy, ) Home content HTML stored in DB Departmental Facilitators & Designers addMemberToSiteWithRole(String siteid, String eid, String roleid) Email Automation PHP Mail 22. Shibboleth On Request FlowMiddleware DBHTML FormSOAP SakaiPerl CronRoster Course UsersPHP MailRegistrar DB 23. Future Enhancements/ToolsEnhancements to Request Form Predictive text dropdown (course field) Preview of Instructor sections (Registrar DB)Student Tool: Which courses are available inSakai? Compare middleware DB with Registrar DBCompute More StatisticsOptionally add Roster(s) to course site* 24. Questions? How about other institutions? Jasig Wiki Review Materials, request for additional info, and contact exchange 13+Sakai+Course+Site+Creation+and+Autom ation Thank You!