Sakai 2.9 and Sakai 2.10 Portal and Plans

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This talk summarizes the efforts around the Sakai 2.9 user interface improvements and discusses potential plans for Sakai 2.10.

Text of Sakai 2.9 and Sakai 2.10 Portal and Plans

  • 1. Sakai 2.9 Portal Project Charles Severance [email_address]

2. 3. 4. Why?

  • Sakai 2.9 development cycle is the longest we have ever had (Jan-Sep 2011)
  • Build a look-and-feel bridge to the well-thought-out OAE User Interface (and pretty)
  • Sakai 2.5 2.8 were all pretty much bug fixes that is nearly 4 years of non-progress on UI
  • The rest of the market has made major UI revisions

5. More Why?

  • Need to give Sakai commercial affiliates something that will compete
  • New Look may re-energize, re-focus, and give purpose the Sakai CLE developer community
  • TCC governance of CLE allows agility can get quick and direct feedback
  • The IMS Common Cartridge Specification is likely to be a major differentiator in 2011-2012

6. Why: OAE/CLE Future OAE CLE Hybrid I expect we will likely see all three permutations in production at scale for years. 7. Portal Changes 8. Sakai 2.9 Portal+ Goals

  • Default CLE Nav to look like OAE Nav not a clone homage
  • Course Navigation Prefs will be in Portal
  • Integrate parts of Profile2 into the portal
  • Integrate Lesson Builder into the Portal
  • New presence/chat (IM/Facebook/OAE style)
  • Evaluate Profile2 Tool

9. Approach for 2.9 portal

  • Evolutionary not revolutionary
  • Add to don't rewrite
  • Maintain compatibility forward and backwards don't break existing portal
  • Few / moderate database conversions
  • No backslide on performance / scalability
  • Prototype quickly and react

10. SI791 11. SI791 Plan

  • Team of Students
    • UI/UX
    • Graphic Design
    • Programming JAVA/HTML
  • Start looking at Sakai CLE 2.8
    • Usability, brainstorming, maybe even QA
  • Look at Sakai OAE 1.0
  • Look at

12. Contact Chuck for Edmodo group code 13. Technical Approach

  • NEO look will be Velocity/CSS work limited tweaks to the Java portal code
  • Portal will still produce an entire page for a GET (i.e. no separate AJAX loading of page text)
  • AJAX/lazy Loading for user actions like activating chat or changing a preference

14. Portal Changes 15. Sites Social Si539 Si502 ?? 16. Profile2

  • Evaluate Usability / do QA
  • Evaluate performance if we are making it part of portal
  • Can we morph Profile2's activities to be a wall tool?

17. Lesson Builder Tasks

  • Evaluate usability
  • Do QA
  • Rutgers production experience will be valuable
  • Improve the UX (evolutionary suggestions)
  • Add Common Cartridge Import and Export

18. Adrian's Floating Chat 19. SI 791: Independent Study Caitlin Holman, Nikola Collins, Dan Stuart 20. Redesigning the 2.9 Portalwith the User in Mind 21.

  • What are the current pain points for CTools users?
  • What could we discover from regular CTools users who were studying to become user experience designers?

Redesigning the 2.9 Portalwith the User in Mind Guiding Questions 22. Redesigning the 2.9 Portalwith the User in Mind User Interviews Everything is buried so many layers deep.The navigation is hard work right now. There's no good search functionality. That first page is a waste, there's never any content on it. All the course numbers start getting confusing after you get a lot of classes in there, especially since they never disappear from the nav bar. If I want to see an old class or group its a pain to find it. 23. Redesigning the 2.9 Portalwith the User in Mind Brainstorming Solutions 24. Redesigning the 2.9 Portalwith the User in Mind Sketches 25. SI 622: Evaluation of Systems and Services Sayan Bhattacharyya, Elliott Andrew Manzon, Rachael Shaney, Amelia Mowry 26. Key Changes

  • Modern look
  • Updated Navigation System
  • Instant Message chat
  • Personal Profile
  • Lesson builder tool

27. Methods

  • 6 subjects
  • 3 Tasks to complete ranging in difficulty from simple to complex
  • All experienced with Ctools (Range:1-6 years, M = 3.5 yr)
  • Undergraduates and Graduates
  • 3 had experience with similar software at previous college

28. Methods 29. Methods Video Recording Screen Capture 30. Tasks

  • Create a profile.Upload a profile picture, enter your favorite movie, major, etc.
  • Create a new project group page.Invite group members, upload a document
  • Remove a class from your navigation bar, add your project group to the navigation bar

31. Task 1:Create a Profile 32. Time to complete task

  • Subject#15 minutes
  • Subject#24 minutes
  • Subject#34 minutes
  • Subject#46 minutes
  • Subject#55 minutes
  • Subject#67 minutes failed to complete task

33. Findings

  • Editing information can be confusing
  • Rollover can be missed

34. Task 1: Findings

  • Uploading a picture is relatively easy
  • Privacy settings a little overwhelming, but easy to understand

35. Task 1: User Feedback

  • Most users didnt think they would use it
  • Felt too much like Facebook
  • Feeling profile fatigue

36. Task 1: Recommendations

  • Make an always visible edit button for profile information rather than roll over
  • Consider simplifying privacy features
  • Profile should be a low priority for Sakai after usability issues and other features have been addressed
  • Greatest value might be for professors and GSIs

37. Task 3: Reorganize Visible Sites

  • Remove SI 642 from top navigation bar

38. Task 3: Reorganize Visible Sites

  • Drag and drop to rearrange

39. Task 3: Results

  • No subject took more than 2 minutes
  • One subject quit after missing Preferences link need to complete task
  • Others had no problem
  • Found drag and drop system easy and intuitive

40. Task 3: Recommendations

  • Make an edit link visible on top navigation bar
  • Drawer is confusing to users, remove the term from description

41. Summary 42. Sakai 2.9 Portal @ UMich

  • Neo Portal is the Default
    • Navigation shortcuts based on making common tasks are "closer" with fewer clicks
  • Will need to tweak skins for Neo
  • You can switch back (not site by site)
    • portal.templates=defaultskin
    • Old velocity templates, skins, and custom skins are untouched and unmoved patches still will work

43. Sakai 2.9 Lesson Builder @ Rutgers

  • This is game changer
  • Structured content was our last major gap compared to Blackboard, Moodle, and Desire2Learn particularly for distance education
  • IMS Common Cartridge Import in 2.9
    • Very nice because it was in from the ground-up
  • IMS LTI 1.0 (Basic) integrated
  • Has been in production for a while at Rutgers and elsewhere

44. Sakai 2.9 Facebook Chat @LANCS

  • Adrian Fish of Lancaster
  • Uses JGroups for presence communication
  • Need some experience / QA testing
  • Properties
    • portal.neochat=false
    • portal.neoavatar=false

45. 2.9 IMS Standards Support

  • IMS Common Cartridge 1.0 Import
  • IMS Common Cartridge 1.1 Import
  • IMS Learning Tools Interoperability 1.0 (BLTI)
    • New UI similar to Moodle, D2L, Instructure in 2.9
  • IMS LTI 1.1 (Draft 11) complete with POX-style grade return

46. 2.10 Possible Task List

  • UMich Dashboard to complete UI design
  • Activity Tracking in Lesson Builder
  • Worksite Setup Rework
  • JSR-168 iFrame Portlet (already there in LTI)
  • Improve Message Pump JGroups?
  • Fine tuning how Lesson Builder connects with tools
  • Pick a VPPA tool and reduce state / REST urls
  • Experience with the Facebook chat / JGroups

47. Dashboard In Progress @ UM 48. Volunteer Leadership

  • This is volunteer driven open source
    • Chuck Hedrick
    • Steve Swinsberg
    • Adrian Fish