Role of the teacher in cyberworld of students

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  • 1. The role of teachersIn the Cyberworldof studentsMs. Kiran BudhraniInstructional Designer / AuthorJune 8, 2011

2. IN HIGH SCHOOL 3. IN ELEMENTARY 4. How a student learns isnot entirely dependent on the student alone. 5. Students perform depending onwhat is expected of themby the teacher. 6. YOUare a major influence 7. RethinkWHAT and HOWwe teach 8. Advances in technology,information, and communication,have changed the way learning and instruction are carried out. 9. TheInternet broke through and changedeverything 10. Students today are doing thingsdifferently from those 20 years ago 11. 21st CENTURYEducators are facedwith even more CHALLENGESthan the last century 12. TEXT HandwritingTyping Post-ItSpiral Notebooks HighlightingFiling Paper-based culture 13. TEXTE-mail Webcams+NONBlogging GamingTEXT Googling Streaming ChattingSocial Friends Screen-Based culture 14. How we acquire informationWe areV isual70% of the time,we put effort on SEEING 15. USE multiple representations beyond the textbookPrintImages AnimationVideosAudioInternet Wikis, Blogs Chat 16. GenerationI dont know but I can find out! 17. 13 HOURSWorth of video isuploaded in YouTubeevery MINUTE412.3YEARSTo take to view them all 18. 1,000,000,000materials, links, etc. shared every week 5,000,000,000minutes spent in facebook every day 19. 98M Population 20. 98M Population 21. NEW SOURCES 22. Facts Students use technology and they LIKE it Students use technology differently fromtheir teachers Students like to learn from different modes,different people, different sources 23. Technology Changes Everything How we define literacy How we communicate Our role as teachers Where learning takes place How learning takes place 24. The Role of the TeacherMUST CHANGE 25. Join Them!Theres no other way 26. Factual Change Teachers use technology and must LIKE it Students use technology similar to theirteachers Teachers should learn from different modes,different people, different sources 27. i Am Presenti Searchi Sharei Collaboratei Createi Protect 28. i Am Present Do not limit yourself to the classroom 24/7 teacher Be visible in the Cyberworld Use what students use Information Technologies Websites Social Networks 29. i Search Do not limit yourself to the textbook Find content online Pictures, videos, animations Blogs, wikis, articles Collect content that isrelevant, useful, interesting,cool, fun, new 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. Yenka 36. 37. shot.php 38. 39. 40. Build Your Toolbox Online Resources Digital Media 41. i Share Provide a good reference list to students Share with colleagues and peers Learn from your students as well 42. 43. i Share Provide a good reference list to students Make the connections among thedifferent information available online CONNECTIVISM principle 44. LINK RESOURCES BY TOPIC AREAS 45. Example:The SUPERMOON - multiple sources 46. i Collaborate Form a network with colleagues Form a new relationship with thestudents -- online facilitator 47. i Collaborate Asynchronous E-groups Online activities in groups Message boards / forum Social Networks Synchronous Online conversations (chats) 48. i Create Once you are ready, create your ownmaterials Blog / Wiki Articles Videos Audio Podcasts 49. i Create New paradigm of sharing yourknowledge, information, and materialsfor FREE File Sharing Group Access 50. i Protect Intellectual Property You, your students, others Cybercrime Spam Fraud Obscene or offensive content Harassment 51. 21st Century Instructional FactorsLearner Teacher Classroom Curriculum 52. i Am Presenti Searchi Sharei Collaboratei Createi Protect 53. Curriculum Goals Integrate technology Project-based learning activities Performance-based assessment Beyond testing Use rubrics 54. Project Based Activities Design activities that students like to do Listen to lecture Watch a video Teach each other (presentations, videos) Create slide shows Tell stories (words, photos) 55. All this media talads toBECOMEWWTEACHERS! 56. Thank You! Contact me:kiranbudhrani@gmail.comTWIT TER: kiranbudhraniBLOG: