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Making learning visible in the blended classroom Morten Fahlvik Market Research Manager @fahlvik

The teacher's role in the blended classroom ... or when 1 + 1 is larger than 2

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Forklare modellen med de to sirklene + trekke frem den nye modellen med tre sirkler.: Presentasjonen fra ? Brukerkonferansen i Tyskland? / Bergen 2012Slides fra UK User forum presentasjon.F frem undervisningsforlpet til LorraineF frem potensialetFigur + avsnitt fra artikkelen til Norsklreren - Unified classroomPlanlegging og gjennomfring for ulike gruppestrrelserPlanlegging og gjennomfring i ulike typer klasserom


I hear from time to another people argue school classrooms have not changed from the old black and white photos that we see from schools in the 1950s. But while the basic set-up of the classroom remains the same with students facing the teacher teachers and students now have access to technology that gives them the opportunity to explore new teaching and learning possibilities.



The year was 1996 and things was different. I was working at Liland elementary school. This was the year the change came to me.3

We can make a difference!

Today have we got Internet in our school!

Halle Berry & John Belushi (Race to the sun)4

Blended learning

Blended learning is both simple and complex. At its simplest, blended learning isthe thoughtful integration of classroom face-to-face learning experiences with online learning experiences.

Kanuka, Heater og Garrison, Randy D. (2004)Blended learning: Uncovering its transformative potential in higher education, University of Calgary

Kanuka, Heater og Garrison, Randy D. (2004): Blended learning: Uncovering its transformative potential in higher education, University of Calgary

Blended learning describedBlended learning is both simple and complex. At its simplest, blended learning is the thoughtfulintegration of classroom face-to-face learning experiences with online learning experiences. There isconsiderable intuitive appeal to the concept of integrating the strengths of synchronous (face-to-face) andasynchronous (text-based Internet) learning activities. At the same time, there is considerable complexityin its implementation with the challenge of virtually limitless design possibilities and applicability to somany contexts.

To begin, it is important to distinguish blended learning from other forms of learning that incorporateonline opportunities. First, blended learning is distinguished from that of enhanced classroom or fullyonline learning experiences (seeFig. 1). However, it is not clear as to how much, or how little, onlinelearning is inherent to blended learning. In fact, this is only a rough, indirect measure that may bemisleading. The real test of blended learning is the effective integration of the two main components(face-to-face and Internet technology) such that we are not just adding on to the existing dominantapproach or method. This holds true whether it be a face-to-face or a fully Internet-based learningexperience. A blended learning design represents a significant departure from either of these approaches.It represents a fundamental reconceptualization and reorganization of the teaching and learning dynamic,starting with various specific contextual needs and contingencies (e.g., discipline, developmental level,and resources). In this respect, no two blended learning designs are identical. This introduces the greatcomplexity of blended learning.


When 1 + 1 is bigger than 2

Physical classroomOnline classroom

These are two of many means schools and teachers have.The title of the presentation occurred when I was on a school visit and followed a teacher through a week. The teacher used two classrooms and utilised the properties of the two rooms at a very good way.7

Teaching in the physical classroom


The online classroom

The online classroom gives structure to the teaching outside the classroom.It helped the studente to know what was planned and it also helkped them to stay focused.

The online classroom gave structure to the teaching.9

Tangent classrooms

As a result of these observation did I write an article about the unified classroom.I first called it the blended classroom, but as the model has evolved, I have landed on the term unified classroom.10

Disconnected classrooms

Overlapping classrooms

The unified classroom

The unified classroom gives you a chance to extend activities long after classes have finished, so you can stretch time and re-engage your students in the work that they have done in class. In the same way, the unified classroom can be an important tool if you want to pre-teach before a class or course begins.Unified classrooms can also be used to give on-going feedback to students. Students can hand in work online and receive comments and advice before the next class, for example. They can see your comments on online discussions and blogs between classes. In addition, unified classrooms provide the opportunity for students to think about their answers before responding, enabling shy participants to join online discussions that they might not have joined in brick-and-mortar classrooms.13

Dylan Wiliam: Involve more students

. and give students time to think and reflect

(Source: The Classroom Experiment A damaging classroom habit Hands http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cp5E6e14oEM)

The Classroom Experiment A damaging classroom habit Handshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cp5E6e14oEM


Reading a book collectively

The teacher present the book and the students discuss what the book is about.

A physical classroom has several advantages. Students meet face to face, make friends, and communicate spontaneously. The teacher gets to know the students and has the opportunity to create an inspiring and safe atmosphere.15

Whole classSmall GroupIndividual

Teacher ask a question to studentsStudents work with question at home and post their answers / thoughts in online discussionTeacher pick up answers in classStudents discuss in groupsStudents present in class

The teaching designfor the reading project

Prepare for classroom discussion

Question: Look at the book cover. What do you think the book is all about?

Bring it together in the classroom


Online discussion

What does mummy mean by it is many ways to cover a theft?

Blended teaching




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