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Presentation given to Paisley Probus Club, November, 2012

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  • 1. Travel is more than the seeingof sights; it is a change thatgoes on, deep and permanent, inthe ideas of living. MiriamBeard

2. You need the mindset that says, The person Imtalking to isnt like me and I need to understandwhat they are like and then work with them. 3. Ones destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. 4. KEY SKILLS IN DEVELOPING NEXT GENERATION OF GLOBAL GRADUATES Council for Higher Education, 2011 5. The most aspirational students are taking up opportunities to gain richlife experiences and develop life-skills through exposure to differentcultures and environments...Council for Industry and Higher EducationPhoto: EducationScotland 6. A two-stage processStage 1 - Complete an Action PlanDescribe in your online Action Plan the activities the school intends to undertakeas part of its application for the Full Award. This plan will need to be approved bya British Council approved assessor.This is normally completed before or at the start of a new academic year.It must contain a minimum of seven curriculum-based international activities thatwill take place in the next curriculum year.One of these activities should be based around languages.Stage 2 - Complete the Impact EvaluationProvide evidence of the completed activities and fully illustrate the impact theyhave had on the school, educators, young people and the local or internationalcommunity, including any relevant learning outcomes.This is due in at the end of the school year in July. 7. No man is an island; every man is a piece of the continent,a part ofthe main.Before you finish eating breakfast this-John Donne morning, youve depended on- more than half the world. -Martin Luther King Jr.We must be willing to learn thelesson that cooperation may implycompromise.-Eleanor Roosevelt 8. Internationalism in educationProbus16th November 2012 9. To be indispensable in a global economy, agraduate needs to be independent minded,creative, a thinker who will make a difference, notwaiting to be told what to do. 10. Global leaders need specific knowledge about globalaffairs and how global forces shape our lives.Global competency means having an academic dimensionrelating to knowledge and understanding of world history,geography, and global topics such as health. 11. Challenges? 2000: Finland, Japan, South Korea 2003: Finland, Hong Kong, Finland 2006: South Korea, Taipei, Finland 2009: Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai 12. Qualitative comparisons.......Source: 13. For example, the government is fundinga Digital Schools scheme to providecopyright-free electronic text-books tochildren in 380 schools. one of the worlds highest-rated education systems aims to consolidate its position by digitising its entire curriculum. By 2015, it wants to be able to deliver all its curriculum materials in a digital form through computers. The information that would once have been in paper textbooks will be delivered on screen 14. 500m language tax cost to Scots economy....nearly all pupils from secondaryschools in many European countries learntwo or more foreign languages. More thanhalf of senior secondary UK school pupilsdo not study foreign languages (Herald,May 2012)"Scotland needs globalised citizens who can go outconfidently on the world stage and win business to growScotlands exports. Language learning is a vital part ofcreating that outward-looking mindset.Lloyd Anderson, director of British Council Scotland 15. Source: BBC News website, accessed, 12.11.12 16. Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that allpeoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that ifwe try and understand each other, we may even become friends. Maya Angelou