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  • Hi my friends and fellow members. In reading through the newsletter at all the activities available, and the reports of all the trips, days out and shows etc. that people have been enjoying, I’m thankful to all the leaders and organisers of these activities. Obviously, there is such a range of different things to go to that there is something for everybody. Why then, do we find that there are members who take part in no activities, and only socialize with others at the monthly meeting? We must all make an effort to bring these people along. On 5th April I attended a meeting of executives from Probus Clubs in our Cluster. Only half of the clubs were represented, and ours was one of the few whose vitality was obvious. I look forward to seeing you all at the May Meeting and at various activities in the weeks ahead.



    MEMBERS – 2018/2019 PRESIDENT Ray Cranfield 4655 9478

    V. PRESIDENT Francoise Kirkland 4626 6428

    SECRETARY Mirella Czerny 4683 1716

    TREASURER Anna Degnan 4647 6174

    EX-OFFICIO Ellen Hill 4647 7277

    COMMITTEE Ros Hodgins 4625 7759

    Linda Lord 0418 522 603

    Sheila McAtamney 4626 8641

    Margaret Rubesa 4655 4437

    Allen Sykes 9820 7332

    Kerrin Thomas 4655 8187

    GUEST SPEAKER Carolyn Cahill 0401 452 579

    HOSPITALITY Eileen McGregor, Jean Mossman

    MEMBERSHIP Beverley Crawford 4647 7825

    NEWSLETTER Linda Lord 0418 522 603

    TECHNICAL OFFICER David Llewellyn 0407 105 520

    WEBMASTER Sue Kijurina 0402 401 494


    Interest Group Co-ordinators Art Group Francoise Kirkland 4626 6428

    Book Club Patricia Cranfield 4655 9478

    Book Exchange Brenda Starkey 4625 5253

    Cards Jeanette Jackson 4647 9986

    Ken Starkey 4625 5253

    Craft Mary Michel 4605 1552

    Photography Ros Hodgins 4625 7759

    Tech Savvy Seniors Ros Hodgins 4625 7759

    David Llewellyn 4626 3460

    Theatre/Shows Joyce Reilly 0408 248 322

    Tours Peter O’Loughlin 0429 024 039

    Travel Tales Kathy & Malcolm

    Smith 4655 2159

    Walking, Cycling & Dining Groups, -

    Margaret Rubesa 4655 4437

    The Narellan Probus InformerThe Narellan Probus InformerThe Narellan Probus InformerThe Narellan Probus Informer Newsletter of the Narellan Probus Club Inc.

    Meeting: Narellan Community Centre Hall, 10am, 1 st Friday of Month

    Postal Address: P O Box 643, Narellan 2567 Email:


    THIS MONTH’S MEETING: Friday, 4 May 2018 MEET AND GREET: Dieter Klepatzky & Maureen Rawsthorne Could the Meet and Greeters please be at the meeting room by 9.20am.

    MORNING TEA CLEAN UP ROSTER: David & Diane Asmussen and Chris Burrows If you are unable to fulfil your allocated day, please contact Francoise ASAP on 4626 6428.

    Volume 12, 4 May 2018

    Disclaimer: This newsletter is Private and Confidential for Narellan Probus Club use only and is not to be used for any other purpose.

  • Narellan Probus Club – May 2018 Newsletter - 2 -

    LUNCH AFTER THE MEETING After the meeting, lunch will be at Studley Park so please come along and join us. All are welcome.

    MAY GUEST SPEAKER Our guest speaker this month is Peter Sage who will talk about the Hawkesbury River and its tributaries.

    Carolyn Cahill

    MAY BIRTHDAYS: Diane Asmussen Ilona Freguson Wendy Mied David Asmussen Coleen Gaiot Malcolm Smith Marion Bee Beverly Gray Eileen Sykes Heather Benham Ellen Hill Ray Taylor Sharon Brett Thelma Hopkinson Bob Tracey Ron Crawford Colin Howie June Weinert Jan Youdale


    - Ken Starkey / Jeanette Jackson The cards games for this month, followed by a BBQ, will be held on Sunday afternoon, 27th May at The Harrington Park Casino. For catering purposes, please indicate on the attendance sheet if you will be staying for the BBQ. Arrive at 1 pm for a 1.30 pm start. Contact Jeanette on 4647-9986.

    Ken & Jeanette


    - Francoise Kirkland The Art Group now meets at

    Francoise’s or Diane D’s as advised weekly to members of the group.

    “Bouquet” – by Sheila

  • Narellan Probus Club – May 2018 Newsletter - 3 -


    - Pat & Ray Cranfield On Monday, 16th April, we met and discussed some of the books we’d read in the last month. Our book for May is “The Hundred Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared” by Jonas Jonasson. We’ll meet on 21st May to compare our thoughts on this strangely-titled book. Pat Cranfield


    - Mary Michel Our ongoing projects continue and will be held this month on the third Tuesday, 15th May at 1.30 pm. If you need further details, please contact me on 4605 1552.



    - Tony Wolf At 10 am on the 2nd Wednesday of the month in

    Camden, and the 4th Wednesday in Narellan. Any queries give Tony a call – 0466 962 867.


    “Biggest Afternoon Tea” – Wednesday, 30th May

    – 1.30 pm – at Camden Golf Club, Studley Park. The Camden Golfing Ladies are again hosting a “Biggest Afternoon Tea” for the Cancer Council to be held on Wednesday, 30th May at 1.30 pm at Camden Golf Club, Studley Park. A $5 donation is requested to enter. For further details or if you are interested in attending, please contact Roslyn Williams on 4647-2135 or at so she can co-ordinate with the organizers as to how many tables of 10 would be required.

  • Narellan Probus Club – May 2018 Newsletter - 4 -


    - David & Ros At our last meeting of Tech Savvy Seniors on Friday, 13th April, we looked at Tutorials on ‘Managing our Passwords’ and the reasons why added security are so essential. On 11th May, the second Friday of the month, we will be having the first session of our new activity, FUN FRIDAY. We will be starting this new activity with a word game called “ARTICULATE”. Come to the Large Hall at Macarthur Village, 1 Hyde Parade, Campbelltown at 10 am. Be prepared to have your brain tested and/or lots of laughs!

    Cheers David & Ros


    - Margaret Rubesa Monday, 7th May Lunch at Plough & Harrow Hotel, Camden Arrive 12 noon. Tuesday, 5th June Probus Anniversary Lunch, Harrington Grove Country Club. Arrive 12 noon. Cost $30 per person. 2 course meal served alternately. Celebration cake as dessert. Tea & coffee. Drinks purchased separately. Friday, 14th December Christmas Lunch, Gledswood Winery, Country Room, Camden Valley Way, Catherine Fields. Arrive 12 noon. Cost $40 per person. 2 course meal served alternately. Wine or soft drink served with meal. Entertainment from resident entertainer.

    TRAVEL TALES - Kathy & Malcolm The April Travel Tales Meeting saw an excellent presentation by Carolyn Cahill of her trip to Japan with her sister and nephew. Her nephew had been an exchange student in Japan for a year and was able to guide and plan their tour. They were able to share cultural experiences of life in Japan. Carolyn explained the décor of private housing and various food dishes, as well as the scenic views of highlights of Japan. Thanks, Carolyn, for a very interesting presentation. Our next Travel Tales on the third Wednesday of the month will be on Wednesday, 16th May commencing at 7 pm for 7.30 pm. At this meeting, Bob Ferguson will share his experiences in Britain and Europe. Everybody is welcome to attend. Many thanks to those people who have already presented this year and to others in the group who are busy preparing something for the remainder of the year. Please note that there will be NO Travel Tales in June and July. We will resume on the third Wednesday of August. Kathy & Mal

  • Narellan Probus Club – May 2018 Newsletter - 5 -


    JOYCE REILLY: BSB 032 710 / Account No. 157367


    PETER O’LOUGHLIN: BSB 032 710 / Account No.


    DETAILS FOR: Joining Fees, Membership Renewal,

    Anniversary Dinner, Christmas Lunch BSB 032 710 / Account No. 156057

    MEMBER CONTACT INFORMATION: Please advise Membership Officer of any contact

    information which includes changes in email address and phone numbers

    MEMBERSHIP BADGE: Members are reminded to wear badges to

    all meetings and on tours.