Primary school activities at Kaunas - Lithuania

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Text of Primary school activities at Kaunas - Lithuania

  1. 1. Dive in the sky. Meeting inkaunas. Activities forprimary school Students.
  2. 2. During the meeting, primary students from Turkey, Portugal and Lithuaniahad opportunities to participated in different activities, which promotedto learn astronomy. Firstly, they saw the performance The solar system.
  3. 3. All preparations and decorations were made by Lithuanian students.They made eight planets, the sun and the moon by themselfs.
  4. 4. The performance was very interesting. All studentscould move like planets. They were very happy.
  5. 5. While teachers and secondary studentsparticipated in a conference, primarypupils had a lot of activities.Felting celestial bodies from wool wasexciting activity. Portugal girls liked itvery much. They made a beautiful sun.
  6. 6. The next activity was folding from paper. Students made aliens.Lithuanian student Dovydas showed how to make the alien.
  7. 7. Lately we all became scientists. We saw a short film about the solar system.
  8. 8. We were making craters like in the Moon.
  9. 9. We tried to be astronauts. We launched a rocket. The kids were interested.
  10. 10. Our solar system. We imitated the solar system.
  11. 11. We made the sun and stars from clay.
  12. 12. We drank tea and had very good time! Everyone was happy!