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Presentation about hotel development project in Kaunas, Lithuania

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  • 1.Hotel development Kaunas,Lithuania

2. Content:1. Project2. Location3. Development ideas4. Market outlook5. Investment opportunity 3. 1. ProjectPlease find ideas for the development andcompletion of an unfinished hotel in Kaunas,Lithuania.Project consist from two phases: Ist hotel,IInd - officesFor the Ist phase is planned to install: A wing (left) 144 room hotel B wing (right) up to 7 000m2 for hostel oroffice, with a possibility to equip spa,amusements, etc. 365 (147 on ground, 218 underground)parking places on site; 2 400 parking placeswithin 200m of the building;The building is comprised of two 10 floor wings(26 000 m2 gross area), joined by a mid-section.The mid-section is planned to be demolished.The two remaining buildings will share groundlevel and underground parking. 4. 1. Project areal view Offices(IInd phase) Offices(IInd phase) Hotel(Ist phase)Hostel & Offices (Ist phase) 5. 1. Project The primary purpose of this building (as a hotel) is 40% completed. It is situated on an 8 497 m2 land plot, leased from the state for long termperiod. An architectural study by G.Natkeviius and Partners has been prepared.Pre-design solutions and 3d drawings are also available. Kauno arka, UAB (KA) is a special purpose vehicle, which owns theunfinished hotel building. The building has been bought from equity and the company has noliabilities to the banks or other financiers. Kauno Verslo Rumai (KVR) is the owner of 100% KA shares. KVR wasestablished as a development company in 2004. KVR also owns two plots of land (4 398 m2 and 2 992 m2) adjacent to thehotel. The company plans to develop in IInd phase offices andcommercial premises. KVR is owned by two corporate shareholders from Lithuania and theNetherlands with 5 other private shareholders also involved. 6. 2. Location Kaunas, LithuaniaDistances from Kaunas: Vilnius100 km Klaipda (sea port)220 km Riga (Latvia)265 km Warsawa (Poland) 405 kmInformation about Kaunas city:Wikipedia city in Kaunas 7. 2.Location Kaunas centerKaunas central district closer viewKaunas central district satellite viewAn interactive map can be found at the following link: (Google maps) or (Bing maps)Location summary: central district of Kaunas. borders to 6 lane central city street. Waterfront. distances: o 200 meters - Main pedestrian street. o 300 meters - Sports arena and park on the island of the river Nemunas. o 1.0 km - City council. o 6.5 km - Access to national motorways Vilnius - Klaipeda and Via Baltica (Warsaw - Tallin). o 15 km - Kaunas airport 8. 2. Location - SurroundingsVDU - University Medical www.kmu.ltPedestrian streetShopping center str.Parking6 lane roadfor 2 400 carsIsland parkZalgiris arena 9. 3. Development - IdeasMain functions of the building: Left wing hotel and reception. Right wing student house, hotel, hostel, office, spa, restaurants, conference hall, reception. Underground and ground level parking will serve both buildings. Hotel rooms and reception will be equipped according to operator requirements. Building construction is predefined for ~23 m2 rooms, which can be joined together for bigger suites. 10. 3. Development Space utilization Left wing Right wingTotalNumber Size, Net area, GrossNumber Size, Net area,GrossNumber Net area,Gross Floor Function of roomsm2 m2area, m2Function of roomsm2 m2area, m2of rooms m2area, m210ho2422528865 hs2222 484 765 46 1 012 1 6309 ho2422528865 hs2222 484 765 46 1 012 1 6308 ho2422528865 hs2222 484 765 46 1 012 1 6307 ho2422528865 hs2222 484 765 46 1 012 1 6306 ho2422528865 hs2222 484 765 46 1 012 1 6305 ho2422528865 hs2222 484 765 46 1 012 1 6304 tc tc-3re, off, ofc, tc 735865off 650765 1 386 1 6302re, off, ofc, tc 735865off 650765 1 386 1 6301 rc, off, tc 735865 off, cf, re2 3502 765 3 086 3 6300 tc-sp, tc- -Total1445 3747 785 1326 5558 885 27611 92916 670Function list: hoHotel cfConference hall, ballroom hsHostelreRestourant, bar, amusement shStudent house rcReception ofc Office - cabinet layout spSpa off Office - free layouttcTechnical, other purpose 11. 3. Development LayoutsDouble room solution (5-10th floors) Single - double room solution (current situation, 5-10th floors) 12. 3. Development Parking Parking entrances will be from two adjacent streets for easy access from any direction. 365 (147 ground level and 218 underground) parking places on site. 2 400 parking places in 200m reach; 13. 4. Market outlook - Lithuania Territory: 65,300 km2 Common borders with: Latvia Belarus Poland Russia (Kaliningrad Region) Population: 3.4 million 84% of Lithuanians 7% Polish 6.5% Russians Capital and biggest cities: Vilnius (capital): 550,000 Kaunas: 320,000 State language: Lithuanian State Government: Democratic Republic Religion: 80% of Roman Catholics, 5% OrthodoxMore information about country could be found at 14. 4. Market outlookMacroeconomic outlook and forecastsIn the first quarter of 2012 Lithuanias real GDP increased by 3.9 per cent on an annual basis. Taking into mind unfavorableeconomic climate in Europe, economic growth in Lithuania remained rather robust. Good export diversification and increasingefficiency at company level were important growth factors. Meanwhile domestic demand was strong and contributedsignificantly to economic development.On the one hand, GDP growth was slower than in 2011. On the other hand, it was higher than expected, and the situation inmain economic sectors remained stable what gives ground to more optimistic expectations about the nearest future. Sectorsoriented to domestic demand demonstrated the fastest growth in the first quarter of 2012, i.e. value added in constructionincreased by 10.8 per cent year-on-year, IT and communications by 6.5 per cent, real estate operations by 5.6 per cent,manufacturing industry by 5.0 per cent, retail and wholesale trade, transport and logistics, accommodation and catering by 4.9per cent. Other sectors grew slower than the whole economy on the average.Despite the ongoing euro zone crisis, Lithuanian exports grew fast both to Western and Eastern markets. At the beginning of2012, exports to European Union countries increased even faster than exports to CIS countries. Regardless lower demand inmost of euro zone countries (except Germany), Lithuanian-origin exports remain competitive in terms of prices. Source: SEB, 2012 15. 4. Market outlook Hotel market in Lithuania vs Europe Number of places to stay in hotels and campsites per 1 000 inhabitants. Lithuania Lithuania