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  • 1.Personality Development

2. Have you ever thought to ask yourselfWho are you? Howwell do you know yourself? What are you good at? What are your weaknesses, fears,innermost strengths and desires? Where are you headed? 3. How Personality Can be defined ? 4.

    • Which of the following helps define the term personality?
    • Characteristics that are typical for a person
    • Characteristics that make a person unique
    • Acting, thinking, and feeling
    • All of the above

5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. What is Personality? 11.

    • Personalityis a collection ofEmotional thought andBehavioural patterns unique to a person that isconsistentover time
    • Originates from the Latinpersona , which means Mask

12. What makes good personality? Self Confidence Positive Thinking Learning From Failures Self Reliance Selfless Service 13. Approach for good personality Goal Setting Time Management Communication Skills Leadership Qualities 14. Goal Setting Immediate Short term Long term 15. Time Management Importance of Duty Plan/Schedule preparation ( day plan etc.,) Making good friends & good habits Utilizing time for Knowledge improvement Right job at right time 16. Communication Skills Good Language Skills Effective Communication Command on words Attracting others 17. Leadership Qualities Planning Self Discipline Know your Responsibilities Commitment 18. Developing Skills Organizing things properly Self Motivation and motivating people Optimum utilization of time Help others 19. Questions 20.