Personal Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives

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SUBJECT: Grammar


  • 1. Personal Pronouns andPossessive Adjectives By Miss Rebeca
  • 2. How do you introduce yourself to others? Hi! My name is Miss Rebeca. I am the water level teacher. I have a daughter in 4th Basic Year. She is a good girl. I have a son in third basic Year. He is a good boy. They study at Logos Academy. We live in Portal al Sol Neighborhood.:
  • 3. Question time!!!!! What words were written in another color? Are those words in the subject or in the predicate of the sentence? When do we use I/she/he/they/we?:
  • 4. Let`s read!!! My favorite food is sushi. Melania doesn`t like sushi. Her favorite food is macaroni cheese. Juan Manuel doesn`t like sushi either. His favorite food is pizza. We love to go to a restaurant. Our favorite restaurant is Chillis.:
  • 5. Question Time!!!! What words are in another color? When do we use my/her /his/our? What word do we write after the word my/her/his/our?:
  • 6. Let`s practice! Choose the correct answer: My friend Irene love the dogs. ______(she/he) has a dog named Toby at home. Mary and James are cousins. _____________ (they/we)live in the same building. My dad and I love to play soccer. _____________ (they/ we) play it every Sunday. Mu uncke Bill is a good techer. _____________(she/he): works at Balandra School.
  • 7. Let`s practice! Choose the correct answer: My sister lives in Costa Rica. _____________(His/Her) name is Gina My brother loves to swim. _____________ (His/Her) name is Esteban. I have a dog. ____________ (Our/My) dog`s name is Long. My children and I watch movies together. ___________: (Our/Their) favorite movie is The Lorax.
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