Subject pronouns & possessive adjectives. Subject pronouns I You He/she/it We You They

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  • Subject pronouns & possessive adjectives
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  • Subject pronouns I You He/she/it We You They
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  • Subject pronouns I You He/she/it We You They Possessive adjectives My Your His/Her/Its Our Your Their
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  • The Dunphy Family Phil Dunphy Claire Dunphy Alex Dunphy Hailey Dunphy Luke Dunphy
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  • I am Phil Dunphy I am a realtor __ am American My hair is black My shirt is white __ house is big I have 3 children __ love my wife He is Phil Dunphy __ is a realtor He is American His hair is black __ shirt is white His house is big __ has 3 children He loves __ wife
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  • I am Claire Dunphy I am a housewife __ am blonde I am from California My blouse is pink My pants are blue __ daughters are very pretty My son is very funny She is Claire Dunphy __ is a housewife She is blonde __ is from California Her blouse is pink __ pants are blue Her daughters are very pretty __ son is very funny
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  • We are siblings We go to school __ like to play games We love our parents Our parents are nice Our house is big ___ grandfather loves us They are siblings __ go to school They like to play games __ love their parents Their parents are nice ___ house is big Their grandfather loves them