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Peer mediation

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Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation

Victoria MooreBarbara Jane H. Jessi L. Caroleena G.

What is Peer Mediation Peer mediation is problem solving youth to youth.There is 2 or more disputants and at least one mediatorSafe and privateNo teacher or principle Mediator must be trained

How is it used or started? There is a series of trainings to become a peer mediator. First you must generate supportSecondly PLANLast training and working

Generate supportPeer mediation is a community effortRequires a lot of teamworkGet people involved

PlanThere are a lot of steps, to implementTakes a lot of hour before you can start Use a lot of resources to get the program up and running

Training/Case workMaking the program/process knownUtilize the program

What is peer mediation training? 40 hour training on how to be a mediatorStudents and staff must be trainedTopic:-SOCS model -Active listening -Mediator format Being able to detect emotions

What is the peer mediation format?

1. Questionnaire One disputant makes it known that there is a problem by filling out a questionnaire

2. Introduction The mediator introduce themselves and state purpose and disputants introduce themselves as well.Ensure safety and privacy. Guidelines/ ground rules are then set and made clear.

3. All sides of the storyAll sides of the story are to be toldMust follow all ground rulesMediator uses active listening and feeling detectionEach must restate what the other person said

4. Identify the problemMediator summarize the facts Together the problem is identified The mediator ask what who and why questionsAsk about emotions to be direct

5. Solution Each party come up with a solutionTogether they collaborate on a solution that poses a win-win situation

6. Implication/Revisit A solution is agreed uponAll parties agreed verbally Then there is a written contract that each party must sign

Pros Increases instructional timeHelps student understand what the issue wasLes students resolve conflictTeaches 21 century life skillsEmpowers the studentsIncrease self-esteem

Con Stops the mediator from learningDoes not always workLack of resource Amount of effort to put the program into place Evaluation process

Major Points Youth and Youth problems solvingFocus on collaboration, listening skills, an conflict resolutionPrivate Win-Win

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