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  • Useful web 2.0 tools ThingLink VideoThingLink

  • Web 2.0 tools - TopicsHow to use Padlet Padlet Assignment Tutorial

  • Padlet Like a online board to put images, videos, documents, texts, etc Steps:

    Go to

  • Padlet Create a padlet Two options:

    Login to padlet (Create account first)Add username & passwordClick on Create a new PadletCreate a new Padlet without creating an account.

  • Padlet

    Create a new padlet

  • Step1

    Create a new Padlet.

    Then we can post and add files, photos, videos or voice.

  • Step 2

    You can modify your padlet:Basic information (title, description, photo)Background of wallDesignPrivacyNotificationDirectionCopyDelete

  • Step 3

    Add Basic information TitleDescriptionChoose a photo

  • Step 4

    Add a background for your wall

  • Change the design Free formSequenceGrille formStep 5

  • You can change privacy optionsVisibilityAdd peopleOther optionsStep 6

  • Notifications when someone publish in your wallemailStep 7

  • AddressChose an address for your padletStep 8

  • Copy your padletWith postsWithout postsStep 9

  • DeleteClear all postsDelete the padletStep 10

  • Share, export or embedStep 11

  • Assignment

    After watching the Padlet's presentation participants should: create their own padlet and upload them on a sample Twinspace Post information about themselves on the padlet in our group.Sample twinspace..Public link to this TwinSpace:..

  • Tutorial

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