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  • 1. Music Video AnalysisMaximo Park - Apply Some Pressure

2. Shot type and movement: long shot,very slow zoom.AnalysisDrawers opening and closing matchesbeat, guitar played matching riff inmusic.Contrast between dark backgroundand bright focus brings attention tothe central object. Also shows thedark, musty surroundings.Lip syncing when lyrics start.Abstract and impossible scenario givesthe impression of a concept basedvideo.Music/lyricsYou know that I would love to see younext yearEdit: Swipes across to a different set ofdrawers and a similar concept fast,continues momentum of video. 3. Shot type and movement: steadycamforward tracking shot,AnalysisMovement of artist mirrors the fast,upbeat song. Artist stands out fromsurroundings as he is central to theshot, and wears the only colour on-screen.Only other thing in shot that drawsattention is the model skeleton, as notonly does it stand out from thebackground due to its colour, the artistalso looks at it which makes the vieweralso pay attention to it.Video doesnt match lyrics whatsoever.Music/lyricsYou know that I would love to see younext yearI hope that I am still alive next yearEdit: long take, with fast edits straightafter. 4. Shot type and movement: still camera,wide shot showing three bandmembersAnalysisThe black and red colour scheme fitsthe Indie/Rock genre of the song. Thevideo may be trying to reflect the lyricWell how am I supposed to know?through it being nonsensical, having aman walk out of a cupboard and thedrummer being inside a drawer. Thelead singer is very energetic whichmirrors the fast pace of the song.Music/lyricsWell how am I supposed to know?Edit: many short cuts 5. Shot type and movement: still camera,wide shotAnalysisColour scheme is consistent. Lipsyncing/performance continues.Theme of magic and nonsensicalthings continues.Lyrics dont match visuals.Music/lyricsI like to wait to see how things turnoutIf you apply some pressureEdit: cut as if the magician appearssuddenly 6. Shot type and movement: still camera,then quick zoom out. Wide shot.AnalysisColour scheme is consistent.Form of performance drawersopen/close to beat, then doors slam tothe bass pedal hit at the end of thebar.Fast pace consistent through cutMusic/lyrics Edit: cut in quick, fade out after intoslower chorus. 7. Shot type and movement: close up onfaces, slow pan movementAnalysisColour scheme turns dark andcontrasting. Slower paced sectioncorresponds with stripped downchorus fewer instruments, less goingon.Music/lyricsI like to wait to see how things turnoutIf you apply some pressureEdit: slow cuts 8. Shot type and movement: wide shotwith all band members, still cameraAnalysisBack to red and black colour scheme.Lead singer is extremely energetic,very exaggerated movements andexpressions match the fast pace of thesong. All band members shown for thefist time, in the part of the song that isthe most layered and full.Abstract theme continues withblindfolds and lead singers nosebleed.Music/lyricsWhat happens when you loseeverythingyou just start againEdit: somewhat long cuts, always withlead singer in shot.